What will change in air freight from Turkey to 2019 year
What will change in air freight from Turkey to 2019 year

What will change in air freight from Turkey to 2019 year


Russia and Turkey have declared 2019 the year of the cross year of culture and tourism. In the near future - to cancel visas for residents of Turkey and allow entry into the territory of each other by internal passports. A decision on this issue will be made in April. What will change in air freight from Turkey?


General trends


IATA lowered its forecast for the growth of world air cargo on 2019 year from 3,7 to 2%. At the beginning of the year, global demand for air delivery of goods decreased by 2%, in Europe - by 3%. The reasons for the deterioration of the dynamics are the slowdown in world trade, the tariff confrontation between the USA and China and the increase in fuel prices.

The trade turnover between Turkey and Russia in 2018 increased by 18%, imports from Turkey - by 24%. Russian entrepreneurs import Turkish agricultural and metallurgical products, clothing, footwear, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. To carry out purchases in Turkey, even in small batches, is very profitable: prices are low, and choice and quality are high.


Airfares from Turkey to 2019


  • The increase in VAT in Russia had a negative impact on the freight market as a whole. Taxes are transferred to the tariffs, which resulted in rising prices. The government plans to provide airlines benefits, but so far they are not.


  • Tariffs are also increasing due to the increase in prices for fuel and lubricants. In 2018, the ton of aviation gasoline went up by 9,7%, the cost of freight increased by an average of 5%, in some areas - up to 20%.


  • The cost is also affected by the instability of the ruble exchange rate. Prices for air travel to Turkey are set in dollars and vary for Russian companies in accordance with the exchange rate.   


Customs regulations

Customs clearance rules for commercial goods will not change. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, goods that are imported into Russia from Turkey for the purpose of sale must have a declaration of conformity, a certificate of state registration and other permits. Their list depends on the HS code. These papers must be received before sending the main lot.


Growth points for air freight from Turkey


  • High competition to some extent constrains the rise in prices. More than 10 airlines fly in this direction, each of which strives to provide the most favorable conditions. In terms of tariffs and geography of routes, the leading transport company is Turkish Airlines. SKY-MARIN has a direct contract with it, which ensures the organization of transportation on optimal conditions.


  • Trade war and sanctions lead to the need to look for new markets, move production, change routes. Air delivery is more flexible in terms of launching new routes compared to rail and sea transport.


In general, the trends in air freight to Turkey remain within the global framework: the market is slowing down due to geopolitical problems and rising fuel prices.


It will not "change" but "change".