What to do to give provozku? Provozka plane.
What to do to give provozku? Provozka plane.

Question: "How to transfer to Vnukovo? Why not give provozku on other ships and all that you need to give provozku? "

Answer: I was given a Boeing 737. I am so happy. I remembered my youth when I first came to this job, everything was so wonderful, there was a small plane, few passengers, and such flights, and Europe, everything is fine. I really enjoyed working at 737, a small, comfortable plane, I was led by excellent instructors, we had a good talk. On takeoff and landing, I was in the cockpit, it was scary there, because there was a small cabin, and the windows, as if near and everything is visible, were scary. Vnukovo transfer very hard, because there is a search of the board of conductors. And here, in Domodedovo, there is a shortage. That is, from Vnukovo they send people to us, so that they fly with us, because we lack. Now Sheremetyevo is also closed and sent to Domodedovo. Now it is not clear what is happening. But, while applications for transfer are not accepted, they say, wait, maybe they will increase the number of flights to Vnukovo and they will need flight attendants, but for now do not transfer. And in order to get a ride, it all depends on your instructor. My instructor hasn't bothered with this yet, she even said that she would soon quit, and I would have a new instructor. Therefore, I am waiting for the rest of the hauls, when I have a new instructor.


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