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What is Mounted Aviation?

Equestrian aviation



It is difficult to say where was the phrase "horse aviation." While the issue remains open, one thing is clear: a person who uttered this sentence, there was a sense of humor.

"Moldovan krasnokopytnaya, Guards Cavalry Aviation successfully repulsed an armored attack Transnistrian militiamen." *

"Equestrian Aviation" - Colorful turnover, a figure of speech, beating right on target. "Horse aircraft" is used to mean "complete nonsense, absurd fiction, an absurdity." "The meaning of" this phrase makes it a household name for all sorts of ingenious projects is similar to those that are born in the scientific academies fairyland Lagada of "Gulliver's Travels" and in some of these "scientists". "Cavalry aircraft" can be consumed with a hint of someone close to an idea or a stupid idea. How it will play in the context of this capacious term - depends on who uses it.


Equestrian aviation 2


Most often, aviation horse float for:

  • ridicule

  • popliteus

  • trolling as it is now called.


In the collection of Oskumorons, built by analogy with the "mounted aircraft", there are "armored troops", "underwater cavalry", "space infantry". There is one more, at first glance, similar expression: "air cavalry". But, just, it is completely realistic. Figuratively, this is sometimes called helicopter warheads.


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In fact, if you go further, you remember the winged horse Pegasus: it flew Greek Perseus, ending with the gorgon Medusa. Yes, and Humpbacked Horse of Russian fairy tales, too, helping the hero carried across the sea, the oceans to perform the impossible. In this perspective, the expression "aircraft horse" even acquires a certain meaning.


Cavalry Aviation Day


By the way, "the Internet" has reported that the cowboys pilots recently begun to celebrate their professional holiday - Day of the horse aviation. According to some versions, it falls on May 19, according mail.ru - on 31 September (day of birth of Pegasus). Experts say that, in addition to the pilots, cowboys, this holiday honors horsemen astronauts. Psychologists point out holiday motto: "OtPegasim the whole world!". This motto, in their opinion, just shows the great potential of the horse aviation.

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