What you did not know about the stewardess?
What you did not know about the stewardess?

What you did not know about the stewardess?


It was felt that the work of an air hostess - the most romantic and fascinating profession. These "mistress of heaven" (as is the title of the profession in French) is always cheerful, smiling, and flawless. But it turns out, the work of the stewardess is not as easy as it seems. In support of this, the following facts.
The first flight attendants appeared in the US, and had to have medical training. In addition to passenger service, they repaired the broken seats, the plane refueled, and helped it roll back into the hangar. As their duties included carrying baggage.

In 2008 aircraft operated by a flight attendant, because one of the pilots turned out to be ill, and the captain is injured while helping him. The landing was successful, she received a commendation from the leadership.

On average, one three-hour flight stewardess passes through the cabin about 5 km. Record set stewardess from Scandinavia, marched during one, however, very long, flight 22 km.
Weight boxing, where flight attendants carry about drinks and dinners - 50 kg, which often coincides with the weight of the flight attendants, because many airlines simply do not have the uniforms more than 48-th size. Therefore, they have to carefully follow the figure.

Young and fresh look, and flight attendants helping this fact: lack of oxygen during the flight slows the activity of brain cells, which stops the general aging process. But in the air flight attendants are allowed to spend no more than 80 hours per month, and more - is dangerous to health.
Flight attendants are not put cash risk premium. However, they go on pension to 10 years earlier provided that the total length of service not less than 20 years, are on board the aircraft - 10 years. It - compensation for the originality of the craft.


Of course, there are funny cases related to this profession. 
Famous billionaire Richard Branson lost a bet to his friend, the owner of the airline, and worked as a flight attendant on a flight. Yes, it is a flight attendant, not a steward. He did make up, shaved his legs and put a red uniform, however, he refused to shave his beard. You can imagine how the passengers were discouraged that cater moustached and bearded flight attendant.
There was a case when one of the passengers of the flight attendant was bitten ... buttock. Interestingly, it is so unbearably hungry? ..

Thus, let the flight attendant profession is not the most pleasant, and requires huge costs of health and nerves of steel, but the adventures - more than enough!

Yeah, it turns out I knew about the flight attendant only 10% of what it actually is. A seemingly cool profession - to fly and be happy, but here is that even do not want to work there.