Cicaré CH-12
Cicaré CH-12. A photo. Characteristics.

Cicaré CH-12 


Cicaré CH-12- civilian helicopter lightweight double. Designed and manufactured by Argentine Cicaré.


Cicaré CH-12 photo

Cicaré CH-12 photo


It is the latest development of the company. Helicopter 18.03.2010 presented at the exhibition «Convención en vuelo», which is organized at the airport them. General Rodriguez (Buenos Aires) "Experimental Aviation Association."


Cicaré CH-12 photo booths

Cicaré CH-12 photo booths


Features helicopter Cicaré CH-12:



  • Powerplant: 1 × Subaru EJ25

  • Power: 165l.s or Lycoming 0360 

  • Main rotor diameter: 5,79, 

  • Length: 6,33, 

  • Height: 2,71, 

  • Maximum take-off weight: 700kg, 

  • Empty weight: 430kg, 

  • Maximum speed: 205km / h 

  • The speed at FL: 160km / h 

  • The highest ceiling 3500m

  • Flight duration: 3 hours. 


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