CL-227 Sentinel
CL-227 Sentinel

CL-227 Sentinel

Drone CL-227 Sentinel was created by Bombardier, this machine is designed for multi-purpose use. Working on this project was started in the early 1964 years, she has been tightened since the first model was manufactured only in 1977 year.

As a power unit, a piston engine of the rotary circuit of the Wankel type was used. With this power unit, the car went into the air for 25.08.1978 years. A year later, another such machine was ready, a turboshaft engine was installed from Williams, which had 24 kW of power. The flight with a commercial camera installed and data transmission in real time took place only in 1981 year. Delennye trials were conducted from 84 to 89-th year, while using 10 aircraft like CL-227 Sentinel, which were controlled by two control stations. All tests were conducted in the United States. Since 1990, the operation of this device began on US warships and bases. In the future, the installed equipment was modernized, due to which modern cameras and IR-sensors appeared in the complete set of the aircraft. The machine was equipped with a target designator and radar systems.

It should be noted that when testing the machine CL-227 Sentinel showed excellent performance characteristics and quality of the tasks. It is possible to carry out improvements to Bombardier UAV depending on the task. In mid-year 1994 UAV set a new type of turbine engine powered by WTS125 Williams. This modified model is dubbed as Puma.

CL-227 Sentinel. Characteristics:


Modification   CL 227
Height, m   1.67
The diameter of the rotor, m   2.80
Weight, kg  
  empty   111
  maximum take-off   227
  Fuel   54
engine's type   1 TWAD Williams International WTS34-16
Power, hp   X 1 51.5
Maximum speed km / h   142
The duration of the flight, ch.min   3.30
Radius of action, km   60
Rate of climb, m / min   274
Practical ceiling, m   3000
Payload, kg   45 kg of various equipment


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