The aircraft CL-289 is a drone, developed by a Canadian corporation Bombardier. It should be noted that the design was carried out with the assistance of the French company Sagem and German Dornier.

It should be noted that the drone CL-289 was developed based on the previous model CL-89. With regard to the parameters of the aircraft, missiles CL-289, we can say that its length is at 3,6 meter wingspan in 1,3 meters. Rise and quality intelligence available at the optimum weight machine 220 kg, and the maximum - 340 kilogram payload. Single-engine turbojet engine accelerates to the speed of the machine 720 km / h, with the radius of action is 170 kilometers from the control room. When a full tank in the machine may be only air 30 minutes.

The first steps in the development were made in 1987 year, with the main task of the UAV CL-289 should become a quality exploration and observation of the enemy forces. Unmanned systems to classify equipment of the enemy, and to make adjustments for the purposes of origin for the fire.

To accomplish these tasks, the machine was equipped with a stereoscopic camera type that can transmit data and live images. Data transfer was made between the aircraft and ground control with a range of up to 70 kilometers. Start of UAV made with the car chassis PIVER. Serial production and delivery to the army began in November 1990 year, the first machines were transferred to the German army. Starting with 1993 year, and deliveries were carried out in France.

CL-289. Characteristics:

Modification   CL-289
Wingspan, m   1.32
Aircraft Length m   3.61
Weight, kg   220
engine's type   1 TRD
Maximum speed km / h   720
The flight duration, min   30
Radius of action, km   170


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