CL-327 Guardian
CL-327 Guardian

CL-327 Guardian

Unmanned aircraft such as CL-327 Guardian was developed by Canada's Bombardier Corporation on the basis of existing UAV CL-227 Sentinel, which was developed by Canadair. By and large, the new machine can be considered as an upgraded version of the previous device.

The new aircraft was able to make a safe vertical takeoff and landing without the use of launchers. The power plant in UAV CL-327 available sufficiently powerful engine turbine model type WTS-125 from Williams Company.

With regard to flight characteristics, they are quite high due to the use 125-horsepower engine from Williams. Maximum takeoff weight is 350 kg, while the machine picks up the payload of up to 100 kg. Speed ​​figures are not too high, but still the maximum speed reaches 157 km / h. Yet the greatest advantage is the range in 200 kilometers and the flight at an altitude of 5,5 kilometers.
The main functions of the UAV CL-327 Guardian

  • Conducting intelligence and detection of enemy forces.

  • The application is possible both over the waters and over the land.

  • Search exact coordinates and guidance allied forces on goal.

  • Patrolling and transmission of information.

To perform these tasks on the machine set the mass of the special equipment, namely optical sensors and infrared sensors, and radar systems, the SAR and RTR. Serial production of vehicles CL-327 1996 was started with the year. US Air Force received the first car service in 1998 year. Also, the delivery started from 2000 years for the armies of NATO members.

CL-327 Guardian. Characteristics:

Modification   CL-327
Height, m   1.84
The diameter of the rotor, m   4.00
Weight, kg  
  empty   150
  maximum take-off   350
engine's type   1 GRD Williams International WTS117-5 (WTS-125)
Power, hp   1 x 100 (125)
Maximum speed km / h   157
Cruising speed, km / h   139
Minimum speed, km / h   93
The duration of the flight, ch.min  
  maximum   6.15
  patrolling 100 km zone   4.45
Radius of action, km   200
Rate of climb, m / min   457
Practical ceiling, m   5500
Payload, kg   up to 100 kg (usually no more than 50) of various equipment


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