Another unmanned aerial vehicle from the Canadian company Bombardier Services has been dubbed the CL-427. This is a deeply modernized version of the CL-227 Sentinel UAV. The new device is similar to the Puma, which also had a 125-horsepower WTS125 engine.

The new version of the UAV model CL-427 68 can take up to a kilogram of payload, which acts as a variety of equipment for exploration. With regard to flight performance, it must be said that the device can reach a height of five kilometers and dispersed to 222 km / h. Just like most of these models from the company of Bombardier, this model can qualitatively be used at a distance of up to 200 kilometers from the control room.

The main advantage of the model CL-427 is installed a new system of search and rescue, which works with the use of satellite data. In addition to satellite guidance, established a set of optical, electronic and infrared sensors. Extensive testing of the aircraft began in 2001 year. Despite the successful design and modern equipment, data on mass production and lacking in today's time.

CL-427. Characteristics:

Modification   CL-427
Height, m   2.12
The diameter of the rotor, m   4.00
Weight, kg  
  empty   135
  maximum take-off   340
  Fuel   165
engine's type   1 GRD Williams International WTS-125
Power, hp   X 1 125
Maximum speed km / h   222
Flight duration, h  
  maximum   8.0
  patrolling 100 km zone   5.0
Radius of action, km   200
Rate of climb, m / min   427


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