Sovetskaya aviation. The beginning of time
Sovetskaya aviation. The beginning of time

Sovetskaya aviation. The beginning of time


Soviet aircraft according to many experts was one of the best in the world for several decades. It was in the Soviet Union not only design new aircraft models, with this refers to both a military and a civil aircraft, but also to make training the pilots themselves, carried out in dozens of institutions of higher education of a great power.

Civilian Soviet Air Force received its first aircraft in its own 1925 year under the name K-1. Due to the design of the first Soviet civilian aircraft was developed and further construction of civil aircraft, most of which is used to this day, albeit not in such a large volume.



Later in the Soviet Union began punctually appear new aircraft models, with y in the military sphere, most of them had not appeared in the civil aviation since the high command considered them especially military power, including the ability to transport ammunition, bombs and etc.

However, do not underestimate the grandeur of Soviet aviation in applicability to military affairs. The greatest impetus to the development of military aircraft of the Soviet was given in 30-ies of the last century, when they began to appear first in the USSR military aircraft long-range aviation, high-speed and maneuverable fighters, military transport aircraft, etc.



Soviet aircraft also always been famous for its world-class pilots, with the names of many of them is still some remain a mystery, in particular we are talking about test pilots, because it is thanks to these courageous and dedicated people, we continue to continue to receive a variety of aircraft models, the more that the bulk of the entire Air Force technology came into our modern world only because of developments undertaken in the Soviet Union.



To date, the Russian Federation remained a huge number of special schools offering training for aviation, with schools themselves have been specially set up for this purpose in Soviet times, when the country was particularly badly in need of pilots, navigators and other qualified lёtnom lineup.

Just because the Soviet Air Force became a kind of foundation for the development of future generations of aircraft and other aerial techniques, thanks to a talented aircraft, aircraft of the Russian Federation can develop what is now very clearly visible.