Culver PQ-14
Culver PQ-14

Culver PQ-14

The successful use of aircraft TDC and the PQ 8 clouded only one big problem - their speed was not above 190 kilometers per hour. The most backward bombers reached speeds in 200-300 kilometers per hour. To meet the requirements of military Culver Company is developing a new target drone. The unit received a new wing, the engine (power 150 hp) and the fuselage. The aerodynamic form improved significantly. As a result, the speed of the car has reached 290 kph.

In 1943 he entered the test XPQ 14, which showed its compliance with all requirements of the flight characteristics and maintenance. First USAAC ordered 75 PQ14 models as well as the operation launched in the amount of cars 1348, 1201 of which was transferred to the US Navy.

The PQ14C was equipped with a Franclin O-300-9 engine. But for 1944, there was no need for a low-speed target aircraft. After the war, the preserved PQ 14B and PQ 14A were renamed Q 14B and Q 14A. 

Culver PQ-14. Characteristics:

Modification   PQ-14B
Wingspan, m   9.14
Length, m   5.94
Height, m   2.54
Wing area, m2  
Weight, kg  
  takeoff   830
engine's type   1 PD Franklin O-300-11
Power, hp   X 1 150
Maximum speed km / h   300
Practical range, km   580
Practical ceiling, m   5200


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