Aircraft Dassault Mirage III
Dassault Mirage III

Dassault Mirage III



Dassault Mirage III («Mirage» III) - French Air Force tactical fighter is in service for several decades. The first flight took place on November 19 1956 city ("Mirage» III 001).

Since then, the aircraft issued by large series in various versions:

"Mirage» III A, R, C, B, E, O, S, CJ, CZ, T, NG.

In all cases, it remains a modern, reliable and efficient.


Dassault Mirage III photo

Dassault Mirage III photo


"Mirage» III is capable of performing combat missions to destroy air targets, spray air strikes against ground targets, conduct reconnaissance. The fighter could carry an atomic bomb.

Power plant: One turbojet Snecma «Atar 9C» 60 kN thrust.


Dassault Mirage III 2 photo

Dassault Mirage III photo

The performance characteristics of the fighter Dassault Mirage III E:

  • Wingspan, m 8,22
  • Length, m 15,03
  • Height, m ​​4,25
  • Wing area, m2 34,85
  • Empty aircraft weight, kg 7050
  • Launch weight, kg 13 500
  • Flight range, km 2800
  • The range of a combat
  • load 800 kg, km 900
  • Ceiling, m 17000
  • Crew, people 1


flight speed, km / h:

  • at an altitude of 11 m 000
  • near the ground 1300


Dassault Mirage III

Dassault Mirage III 


Small arms:

  • 2 cannons of 30 mm caliber

  • Guided missiles 1xAS30 and 2x "Mazhik"

  • 1h "Matra" and 2h "Sidewinder"

  • Unguided rockets 36x68 mm

  • Bomb load 1800 kg


Other variants of the aircraft weapons: missiles "air-air" "Matra" 500, 435 bomb weighing kg missiles "air-land", "Nord» AS-30 and others.


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