Dassault Mirage IV
Dassault Mirage IV

Dassault Mirage IV «Mirage 4»


Bomber "Mirage 4» was the main aircraft of the Air Force in France in the early 1960-ies. According to the characteristics, combat capabilities, he did not yield to the aircraft in its class in all countries.

The aircraft was produced in several modifications: 4-01, 4-02, 4-03. The first flight took place, respectively, on October 12, 1961. Every time, good results were obtained, which was the basis for the production of an aircraft in a series and its acceptance into service.


Dassault Mirage IV photo

Dassault Mirage IV photo

The plane has a delta wing without the horizontal tail, it was new in the aircraft industry.

Powerplant: two turbojet engines SNEGMA «ATAR» 9K thrust of 6800 kg.


Features Dassault Mirage IV "Mirage 4":

  • Length, m 23,5

  • Wingspan, m 11,85

  • Height, m ​​5,65

  • Wing area, m2 47,82

  • Takeoff weight (max), kg 28 100

  • Empty aircraft weight, kg 13 600

  • Ferry range, km 6100

  • Radius of action, km 800-1000

  • Ceiling, m more than 16

  • Flight speed (max at an altitude of 12), km / h 000

  • Cruising speed at an altitude of 1200, km / h 960

  • Crew, people 2


Dassault Mirage IV scheme

Dassault Mirage IV scheme


weaponry: suspended (max combat load, kg), one nuclear bomb, 4UR AS 37 "Martel", air bombs (6400)


In September 1960 of an airplane "Mirage 4» set a world speed record: 1000 km distance was covered at an average speed 1822 km / h.
By the beginning of 2000 "Mirage 4» was in service in several countries.


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