Dassault nEUROn UAV Battle
Dassault nEUROn UAV Battle

Dassault nEUROn UAV Battle

Dassault nEUROn is a combat unmanned aerial vehicle, developed by Dassault Aviation aircraft designers. The unmanned stealth aircraft is made according to the "flying wing" scheme, has a triangular shape, is the third, last, experiment of the LOGIDUC program from Dassault concern for developing a combat UAV. Until 2015, it was created as part of the continuation of the AVE-C Moyen Duc project with two AVE Grand Duc engines. However, in June of the year 2015 a full-scale model was presented of a more promising machine equipped with one engine. And other European companies - Alenia (Italy), EADS CASA (Spain), RUAG (Switzerland), EAV (Greece), Saab (Sweden) joined the work on the project nEUROn. According to the calculated data, nEUROn should become the basis for creating a new generation of unmanned aircraft in 2020-2025.

The company "Dassault" does not exclude the transfer of the received nEUROn project research and testing results to develop new UAV.

The production models Turbomeca Adour engines will be replaced by a more powerful turbofan engine SNECMA M88. The French company engaged in the development and evaluation of weapons systems, has decided to expand the program of flight tests nEUROn in France, Italy and Sweden for the development and maintenance of design skills, processing and technology research firms participating in the project. This experience will need to representatives of development companies for the development of military unmanned aircraft of the next generation.

In 2006 year's draft budget, which amounted to 400 million euros, it was increased by another 5 million for the creation of additional internal bays allocated for various equipment and weapons modules.

This was followed by three years of construction and certain industrial systems. Then, in 2009, the assembly stage began unmanned and its production. The two-year flight test program, which began in holding 2012 year, is composed of about 100 departures and includes testing of the use of laser-guided munitions.

During the passage of the test program built up UAV reduced AVE batch size. The first flight of AVE-Discretion was made in the year 2000. Later, to improve the stealth machine developed its tailless version. Also, to improve the manageability built a prototype of the AVE-Control, which was first raised in the air in 2003 year. 30.06. 2008, the first flight of the AVE-D in a fully autonomous mode, and in 01.12.2012, the air was already full-sized raised nEUROn was held.

Unmanned aircraft nEUROn similar AVE-C in appearance. Just like its reduced copy, the unit has no tail fin and is equipped with W-shaped wing design.

Similarly, the American X-47B and X-45C, nEUROn UAV built on a "flying wing", which reduces its radar signature, and has horizontal and vertical tail. Wingspan - 12,5 m, the length of the drone -. 9,5 m completed power plant in the form of two jet engines Adour Mk 951 joint development of Rolls-Royce Group plc company (Great Britain) and of Turbomeca (France). The device is capable of subsonic speed to 0,8M.

On board the UAV, you can install a variety of surveillance equipment and high-precision impact weapons to destroy land and sea targets. The weapon is located in the inner compartment. The nEUROn UAV is equipped with inertial and satellite navigation systems, stealth functions, a data transmission channel, complex structures made of composite materials and an internal weapon compartment. Thanks to the automatic recognition system, the unmanned aerial vehicle nEUROn is effective for accurately finding ground targets. 

Dassault nEUROn Combat UAVs. Characteristics:

Modification   nEUROn
Wingspan, m   12.50
Length m   9.50
Height, m  
Wing area, m2  
Weight, kg  
  empty   4500
  maximum take-off   6000
engine's type   1 turbojet engine Turbomeca / Rolls-Royce Adour Mk 951
Thrust, kN   X 1 28.91
Maximum speed km / h   850
Cruising speed, km / h  
Radius of action, km  
Flight duration, h  
Practical ceiling, m  


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