Dassault Rafale
Dassault Rafale

Dassault Rafale

Dassault Rafale - The fifth-generation French multi-role fighter is to be put into service in 2005. It is planned to produce several versions of the aircraft, including - deck-based.

Dassault Rafale Photos

Dassault Rafale Photos

The fighter is designed to perform diverse combat missions: the conquest of air superiority, the protection of their ground forces from air attacks, the delivery of rocket-bomb attacks on ground targets, a nuclear strike.

Powerplant: two dual-circuit afterburning turbojet engine SNECmA M88-2 7440 kg of thrust, or two dual-circuit afterburning turbojet engine M88-3 8870 kg of thrust.

Dassault Rafale photo in parsing

Dassault Rafale Photos

The performance characteristics of a fighter "Rafale":

  • Wingspan, m 10,90

  • Length, m 15,30

  • Height, m ​​5,34

  • Wing area, m2 46,00

  • Empty weight, kg 9060

  • Takeoff weight, kg 18 500

  • Maximum take-off weight, kg 21 500

  • Flight speed (without outboard fuel tanks), km / h 2000

Dassault Rafale cockpit photo

Dassault Rafale cockpit photo

Armament (in the presence of outboard fuel tanks):

  • 12 250 kg of bombs and 4 8 SD or SD

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