De Havilland DH.Vampire.Foto. Characteristics.
De Havilland DH.Vampire.Foto. Characteristics.

De Havilland DH. Vampire. A photo. Characteristics.


United Kingdom

A type: Single-engine jet fighter and training aircraft

CrewOne pilot (on the day fighter), the pilot or navigator (in the night fighter) and the pilot and the student (uchebnotrenirovochnom on an airplane), side by side

The plane "Vampire» (Vampire) was the second jet fighter to enter the service of the Royal Air Force. Although he was not involved in the hostilities of World War II (the first copy was handed over in June, the squadron number 247 1946), his career has been a long - and not only in the attacking role, but also as a training aircraft. Originally nicknamed "Crab Spayder» (Spider Crab - crab Paukova), the plane "Vampire" was built on the basis of a compact jet engine company "De Havilland".

His pull, to put it mildly, was small, so the design team of the company (which began work on the aircraft in 1941 year) took double-girder arrangement, in order to minimize the length of the exhaust device of a jet engine. "Vampire", which is a day fighter, has been modified to perform the tasks of fighter-bomber and night fighter (the latter distinguished by a double cabin and a radar in the nose).

In the end, received their "wings" at the two-seat night fighter was developed very successful training aircraft, put into operation Command RAF flight training in 1952 year, became the first jet aircraft in the Air Force, where pilots.In addition to more instances of aircraft 1500 "Vampire", built for the Royal Air Force, both options, and the fighter and training aircraft, flying in the Air Force fleet. A large number of well constructed export modification.

Basic data

Dimensions (all data for T uchebnotrenirovochnogo aircraft 11):

  • Length: 10,51 m 
  • Wingspan: 11,59 m
  • Height: 1,88 m

The weight:

  • BLANK: 3347 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 5060 kg

Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 866 km / h
  • Range: 1370 km

Power point: Goblin engines (Goblin) II (on modifications F 3), Goblin 35 (to modify T 11) or "Goblin" 3 (on modifications FB 6) company "De Havilland"

Power: 15, 15,57, 14,91 and 19,3 kN thrust respectively

Date of first flight:

  • 20 September 1943 of

The surviving airworthy modifications: F 3, FB 6 / 9, FB 50, 11 T, T 22 «Sea Vampire" and T35 / 55