Aviation Day in Russia

Aviation Day of Russia


Civil Aviation Day is traditionally celebrated in Russia, the ninth of February. It was on this day in 1923, the country was established fleet, whose task was the transportation of passengers who travel on the same person or official business mail, and various kinds of cargo. The first route by which passengers were able to go Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod, which extends 420 kilometers. The appearance of the passenger fleet also led to the emergence of several other structures, for example such as the Society for Voluntary Air Fleet.

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Today aviation is the most convenient and, of course, the fastest mode of transport. In this industry employs real professionals and experts in their field, are undoubtedly in love with the sky in charge of safety and understand the responsibility that lies on their shoulders.

The air transport industry in the Russian Federation is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. Suffice it to effectively operate all existing airline is actively developing the entire route network of passenger and, of course, the freight traffic, the quality of which meets all required international standards.

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Employees of air transport every day work selflessly to ensure the safe and timely transportation of both passengers and cargo in all conditions. Their work requires a fairly deep knowledge, endurance, composure and ability to find solutions even in the most difficult and dangerous situations.

From the professional skills of pilots, technicians, engineers, and specialists of terrestrial services depends not only on the overall safety and serviceability of air transport, but also the safety and health care, even the most remote areas, fire protection of forests and the implementation of other social problems.

Russian combat aviation day

This holiday the Day of Air Fleet of the Russian Federation combines both military and civilian pilots and technicians, all those who raise the aircraft into the sky, and direct their flights to earth. High in the sky, the rules are very strict laws, and for the airspace is a pretty tough fight competition that arises immediately from the design offices and lasts almost all air lines.

In Russia, due to the daily work of many generations of work simply creating excellent schools aircraft flying skills also have wonderful traditions associated with this profession and rich history of the air fleet.

Currently, all members of both civil and military aviation celebrate their professional holiday - Day of the Air Fleet of Russia, on the third Sunday of August. But the Day of Civil Aviation decided to congratulate the pilots, technicians and flight attendants, through which every day in the sky planes rise across the country and safely get to your destination.

On this day, all over the country held various celebrations and expressed gratitude to all those who produce daily flights are safe and fast.

In addition to civil aviation, there are also army aviation, date of creation of which is considered to be 28 October 1948 years, at a time when established the first air squadron.

Now the army aviation showing the highest performance and is an example of courage and responsibility, because the skill of pilots depend on many people's lives.

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