The task of deciphering the true value is to determine the object of their images on the aerial photographs. In deciphering the following telltale "signs:

a) the size of the object, b) the shape of the object, c) the tone of the image of the object in the aerial photograph, d) the shadow from the object, and e) the relative location.

Last telltale signs used in the exploration of a complex object (fighting and marching orders, railway stations and so on. N.).

Mosaic multiply by the mosaic of the main reproduction.

Reproduction of the mosaic on 1 plate with a subsequent increase, and the release of copies of 20 requires only about 50-60 minutes. The most appropriate scale for reproduction fotoplanov submitted general military chief, is the scale of 1 / 25 000-1 / 15 000, t. E. 250-150 m 1 see. Considering that in some cases, require the printed enlarged prints in circulation to 60 copies (shooting enemy defensive zone), timing for reproduction in a movie 50 images can be as follows:

Thus, since the departure of the aircraft to take photographs up to the moment of sending the mosaic reproductions of the lab intended to be held 10 hours.

When shooting large areas, for example, with a consumption of 6 films of 50 shots each (an area of ​​14 routes), the timing is as follows (with 1 laboratory assistant, 2 photographers, 2 Red Army soldiers, 1 photogrammetrist, 1 installer, 2 years)

 plot size ...................................... 1,5 hour.
 accelerated processing and compilation of the 4 photo plan for an hour.
 reproduction ........................................ 1,5 hour.
 Total 7 hour.

Reconnaissance aircraft

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