Long Range Aviation Division
Long Range Aviation Division

Long Range Aviation Division




The first in the history of Russian aviation unit was created in December 23 1914 the Decree of Russian Emperor Nicholas II. It was the squadron "Muromtsev" - the famous heavy bombers, the creation of which marked the beginning of the development of military aviation throughout the world.

Since then, a lot has been published decrees, regulations, requirements: some divisions were abolished, instead create new ones. So the process of reform and restructuring of long-range aviation.

For the first time such a unit as Long-Range Aviation DivisionIt was formed, presumably, on the eve of the Great Patriotic War. A year before the German attack was set up long-range bombers of the High Command of the Red Army. For the year as part of its five air corps were introduced, three separate Air Division and one regiment.

At different times of aviation units were called as armies, corps.


Long-Range Aviation Division 2

Long Range Aviation Division


37-Air Army Strategic (which was part of the so-called "nuclear triad"), at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, combines four air divisions. On the territory of modern Russia had two of them. In the ensuing reforms introduced in these divisions subordinate commands long-range aircraft, created instead of the disbanded 37-th Air Army.

Thus, in the long-range aviation in Russia entered 22-I heavy bomber aviation division, whose command was ordered to be based in the village EngelsAnd 326-I Heavy Bomber Air Division, the command of which was stationed in the Far East, the Ukrainka airbase.

 The aviation division, headquartered in Engels, has in its composition four air regiments, while the Far East has the same number. Two regiments of the first of them are stationed at the Engels airfield, the other two are located at Shaykovka and Soltsy, respectively. The second division, in addition to the two "native" air regiments stationed in Ukrainka, includes the Belaya regiment and the Vozdvizhenka regiment.

In addition to the two divisions, the air base, a separate regiment of refueling aircraft and some other aviation units came under the command of long-range aviation. 


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