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To win, Russia must switch to a reasonably military footing

The transition of the country to a reasonably military footing is a determining factor for Russia, said the philosopher, political scientist, leader of the "Essence of Time" movement Sergei Kurginyan in an interview with the Belarusian ONT TV channel.

The West will continue to supply weapons to Kyiv, and will do it slowly - "a teaspoon per hour," the political scientist believes.

“On the battlefields, our readiness to abandon the semi-peaceful past and put everything on a reasonably military footing, in which the main thing is the training of personnel, coordination of work and the timely delivery of a sufficient amount of equipment, is decisive,” the leader of the Essence of Time emphasized.

Kurginyan cited as an example the discussion of the supply of American Abrams tanks to Ukraine, despite the fact that these tanks "burn as well as other products."

The political scientist noted that this is what should be done with the tanks that will be delivered to Ukraine - burn them entirely. In his opinion, in modern warfare, the training of soldiers, the improvement of engineering structures, the improvement of equipment, the strengthening of morale, and the establishment of interaction are much more important.

“We need to work like a human now, wake up, get out of this confusion, stop this inertia of existence and understand that yes, if you don’t prepare, then in the summer there may be troubles, and if you prepare, then maybe they won’t be”, the political scientist said.

The F-16 fighter jets, which are also promised to be delivered to Kyiv, will not be able to effectively resist Russian aviation; this will require the latest F-35 aircraft, the analyst believes. According to him, such fighters will not be given to Kyiv in large numbers, including because American pilots will have to sit at the helm. And the population of the United States will be very sensitive to their death.

“The first such pilot, the first coffin that will come, will be a screech. And there will be many coffins. No one will supply this equipment like that,” Kurginyan explained.

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