Dobrolet 2 - Reboot
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Dobrolet 2 - Reboot

Dobrolet 2 - Reboot



 September 16 information appeared from Aeroflot, The establishment of the new carrier. The new airline was named "Budget carrier". Interestingly will look at the livery and logo of the new company. Aircrafts for it will continue to be delivered in subleasing "daddy" - Aeroflot. There is a possibility, and direct contracts with producers. The strategy of the new company is easy, because from the time of SkyExpress and Avianova is nothing new in this market has not been invented. The fate of the employees Dobrolet "Hung", will include a new structure they are or not is still unknown.

 Crimea for flights for the new carrier is still taboo, it makes no sense to repeat past mistakes. And the winter season is completely unprofitable. Although the route network of the late Dobrolet is supposed to be left.

 So up there, someone gave the go-ahead -

"Low-budget companies in Russia to be!"

And departed, and began to turn.


Soon the whole airline industry will be the budget, that is surviving solely on budget funds.

Dobrolet 2 - Reboot

 Brand new loukostera is still unknown. There are versions - just “Dobrolet”, “Dobrolet-2"And maybe a completely new name. All people have a desire for cheapness, craving for discounts and bonuses, or more simply a "freebie", as we called. Because any reports of domestic companies loukosterov, causing such a stir in the media and among ordinary citizens.

Indeed, we are worse than the world? Everywhere there are discount stores, and only we - "behind the entire planet."

 The cost of the ticket is not taken "from the ceiling." It is due to many factors. Against the background of the constant fall of the ruble exchange rate, the appreciation of the dollar and the euro (you remember that 2012g. Euro cost the same as the dollar now), air services are just not unprofitable. Low income, “strange”, incomprehensible market economy, inefficient and not competitive. Economics and laws created for the benefit of a handful of "chosen ones" and not for the development of the market. All this is reflected in the air travel market, and in particular on the airfare.


You can arbitrarily complain about the high cost of air travel,

but as long as the law does not change,

all of us can only dream about normal,

civilized airfare

appropriate to our level of income with you.

 Aeroflot, a state-owned corporation, in fact, creates a low-cost by order from above. Not under the influence of the laws of a market economy, but because "it is necessary", that would be "like everyone else." Where and for how much we fly on the lines of the new company, time will tell. In the meantime ... fly Aeroflot airplanes. Or look for Western discounters, providing profit to someone else's economy.


Dobrolet 2 - Reboot


Cheap flights to all of us, and soft landings.


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