Autumn Photo Marathon
Domodedovo: Autumn Photo Marathon, more than 200 avialyubiteley visited three spotting

Domodedovo: Autumn Photo Marathon, more than 200 avialyubiteley visited three spotting 


In the Moscow airport Domodedovo spottingovy ended a three-day marathon. Every day, according to the 28 30 September spotters were able to capture unique angles of takeoffs and landings of aircraft airline partners airport background colored autumn colors of nature. The brightest spotting season attracted more than 200 photographers avialyubiteley. 

Spotterskie events at Domodedovo - the pride of the airport. Opening in 2007 for amateur photographers the opportunity aviation official conducting surveys on the airfield apron, Moscow Domodedovo Airport has given rise to the development of this kind of hobby in Russia. Today the official spotting held regularly, not only in Domodedovo, but in the other airports in the country, and the number of amateurs of aviation photography is constantly growing. 

"Spotting is, first of all, a special atmosphere that makes it possible at the present time to feel involved in the magic of flight, to become at least one minute with the iron birds for a minute. And it's a great opportunity to find real friends. In this sense, Domodedovo airport is not just a pioneer of an unusual "current", but a real friend of aviation enthusiasts. By the number of events held, Domodedovo is a leader, as, indeed, in many other indicators. Probably, it is difficult to remember which thematic spotting was not conducted. In the Spotter archive, thousands of unique images of the morning and evening apron, hundreds of photos of unique liveries, which then spread all over the world on the pages of professional sites and blogs. But every time Domodedovo airport goes to meet friends from the aviation fraternity and offers all new and new perspectives ... ", -shared impressions Dmitry Petrochenko, Spotter with more than ten years' experience

aircraft spotting - This is a kind of hobby: photographing aircraft, most often airplanes. Photographers are usually called spotters. Its essence is to photograph the aircraft in the most "favorable", attractive perspective and at the closest distance.. The first official spotting in Russia was organized at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport 22 May 2007. 

Moscow Domodedovo Airport - Russia's largest air harbor, in 2014, the airport served 33,04 million people. It is the best airport in Russia and CIS Skytrax. Domodedovo selected to fly to Moscow by members of the world's leading aviation alliances - the Star Alliance and oneworld.