Supplementary exploration
Supplementary exploration

Additional exploration in aviation


The experience of the war in Spain and China has shown that the additional exploration of its appearance on the Ground Forces may unmask imminent attack, so the organization of further exploration should not be regarded as a mandatory element of the construction of the attack, and as an exception, due to the nature of the situation (the lack of air defense assets, fighters, and so on. D. ).

The attack mobile targets must be done mainly without further exploration of the built on such principles, which, on the one hand, the attack would be unmasked, and on the other, give a sudden blow.

One possibility could be the next attack method of attack.

The attack is carried out by two lines. The first train leads to the goal and immediately attacked it with machine gun fire and bombs. Bomb explosions this tier will provide target designation for the second tier, which follows behind and below FL guidance.

While waiting reconnaissance aircraft dorazvedyvaet target and monitor the actions of their troops, the signal which is produced subsequent attacks. Meeting with scout stormtroopers may occur in the waiting area, on the route at the aerodrome (rarely) and over the target (call by radio signal).

Flight front of his troops. Flight front of his troops are usually done in the areas of secondary importance.

Flights for the front line are assigned output and input gate (in different areas).

Additional exploration in aviation

Moment trip is determined by the appropriate conditional signals (radio), establishes an agreement with the combined arms on command.

At the time required for the trip, artillery fire at the site stopped.

The troops warned, that their aircraft have not been taken for the enemy and were not fired air defense system.

Attack (with bombs and machine-gun fire) suddenly from behind cover, rear or side, and in some sluchayh front and one short putt.

Avoiding target at high speed, on the low level flight for cover. A repeated attack with machine-gun fire is permissible only in cases of extremely strong upset of the enemy after the first attack.

The return on the airfield at low altitudes (50-200 n) sometimes low-level flight, air lazami or in areas consistent with the troops in time and place (for the passage of the front gate).

Ready for the next flight depends on the duration of the first flight. Preparing for the next flight (suspension bombs, refilling fuel or bombs suspension only if the flight was short-lived) can last up to 0,5 4 hours.


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