Inspection of hand luggage at the airport
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Inspection of hand luggage at the airport

Inspection of hand luggage at the airport


All entrances to the airport terminals equipped items prior inspection. They are used with technical equipment inspection. In addition to the person entering the terminal, subject to inspection of his personal belongings.

Before boarding the aircraft, each passenger and the items and luggage with him undergo preliminary screening. A passenger who has refused the procedure is not allowed to fly.

The process of screening at the airport held in special rooms equipped with the technical means and stationary video surveillance. On inspection of the airport security staff passed the passengers in turn. Also, employees of the security services during the inspection carried out a survey of passengers with a view to identifying potentially dangerous persons prohibited items, drugs and other things.

The main aim of pre-flight inspection is to ensure the safety of passengers.


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Inspection - a mandatory procedure set by international regulations. Refusal automatically results in the termination of a contract for carriage by air. And any "jokes", related to the subject of aviation security shall be deemed a violation of the law and entail criminal liability.

Inspection is carried out pin (manual) method and the use of technical devices. Additionally, it may be carried out personal examination, if requested by the security officer. Those passengers who can not walk on their own, visiting the airport in the infirmary.

Regarding the number of items being transported, liquids and substances, there are a number of regulatory restrictions on which information is placed at the inspection points. Gels, aerosols, liquids purchased at DUTY FREE stores are packed in special plastic bags. They can not be opened before boarding the plane. If a weapon is being transported, a security officer must be warned in advance and a permit must be presented. From unauthorized persons is prohibited to take any items and things for transportation. 




In case of suspicion of the presence in the personal belongings of the passenger dangerous substances and items employees have the right to conduct inspection of the contact. Since July 2007 year introduced new rules on carrying out post-flight and pre-flight inspection, restricting the transport of liquids on board aircraft.

Inspection of hand luggage

According to the established order, it is permitted to carry:

  • Mercury thermometer in a normal case - one per passenger.

  • Thermometers.

  • Dry ice for cooling perishable products - no more than two kilograms per passenger.

  • Mercury barometer or manometer, packed in a sealed container.

  • Disposable lighters - one per passenger.

  • Three-percent hydrogen peroxide - 100 ml per passenger.

  • Sprays, gels, and liquids which are not hazardous, - 100 ml per person.

As an exception, taking medication, special dietary supplements and baby food.

Liquids purchased in stores DUTY FREE at the airport, when buying packaged securely sealed in a plastic bag.

Weapons and ammunition shall be transported to the SAB staff to process and transmit flight attendant for temporary storage during the flight.

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The passengers' luggage allowed to carry:

  1. Underwater guns, crossbows, sabers, swords, hatchets, swords, scimitars, swords, bayonets, swords and daggers. From knives are allowed: a flick knives, hunting, simulators, with locking latches.

  2. Household scissors and knives with a blade length of over 60 mm.

  3. Alcohol containing not more than 70% alcohol in containers of not more than 5 l, packaging for the retail trade - no more 5 liters per passenger.

  4. Aerosols, which are intended for use for domestic purposes, the exhaust valves are protected from arbitrary caps release. No more than 0,5 500 kg or ml per passenger.

  5. Liquids and alcoholic beverages containing not more than 24% alcohol.



It does not transport the baggage and passenger things, dangerous items and substances:

  1. Any explosives.

  2. Live cartridges, hunting caps or caps, ammunition to gas weapon.

  3. Gunpowder, in any number and in any package.

  4. Means of pyrotechnics (lighting and flares, signal cartridges, smoke and planting bombs, matches demolition, firecrackers rail, sparklers, TNT, TNT, dynamite, ammonal and other explosives, electric detonators, blasting caps, detonators, safety fuses and detonating cord, electric igniters And so on).

  5. Liquefied and compressed gases, gas cylinders, tear and exposure to nerve agents.

  6. Solid or liquid flammable substances subject to spontaneous combustion; substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water; sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus; phosphorus, yellow, white, red, and other materials which are flammable solids.

  7. Toxic substances.

  8. Oxidizing and organic peroxides.

  9. Radioactive materials.

  10. Poisonous and toxic substances in solid and liquid form (nicotine, brucine, brake fluid, strychnine, mercury, ethylene glycol, all drugs and cyanide salts of hydrocyanic acid, tsianplav, arsenic anhydride, cyclone, etc.).

  11. Corrosive and caustic substances (sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric acid, hydrogen acid).

  12. Weapons (guns, pistols, carbines, rifles and other firearms, air and gas weapons, daggers, stilettos, electric shock devices, landing bayonet-knives).

  13. Other dangerous items and substances that may be used as the implementation of misconduct.

  14. Items that are marked on the packaging with a dangerous goods sign. 



Question to experts: inspection of hand luggage carried arms employee safety or passenger should show himself at the request of a thing? Thank you


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