Delivery of avia
Delivery air. Terms and methods of implementation

Delivery air. Terms and methods of implementation


Most people expect delivery of air transport various types of goods, is much faster than any other methods. In reality, this may not be entirely true because the delivery of air cargo is classified for a number of individual signs, and therefore, the process can drag on for weeks.


Delivery air. What determines the timing?


In most cases, delivery of air packages, this is the same air transport of cargo, and here, as a rule, it depends on the service you paid for. If it is a large and bulky cargo, and especially for the hired private air transport, the most likely delivery of air transport will happen in a few hours or at most days, however, agree that if the load is not urgent, then pay for the flight of air transport is extremely undesirable .



If we are talking about a small weight is usually disproportionate to the size of the space in the cargo or passenger plane, which will be carried out transportation, the likely timing themselves will increase dramatically. Here are divided delivery of air into separate categories:

  • The passing air delivery means itself waiting for a free or partially loaded air transport following in the desired direction for the purpose of loading the goods it needed. Typically, such a cheap air shipping costs and the terms it quickly enough, especially if we are talking about a small load - weighing up to several kilograms.
  • Shuttle delivery of air is that hiring a private plane, which collects the required cargo and delivers it to the final destination, and then returned empty to the point of departure. Delivery of air produced thus quite expensive, but still cheaper general cargo, as for this purpose the aircraft are not fully employed.
  • The combined delivery of air cargo is one of the cheapest ways of transporting goods. According to the basic principle of this delivery, all cargoes are completed in separate warehouses, and when the necessary volume is reached, as a rule, nominally payback, the air vehicle transports the cargo to the required destination, where the air delivery is carried out further, if its final route is not completed. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to clarify also the fact that the detailed delivery of air takes place for quite a long time and can take up to several months.