Delivery drones
Delivery drones

Delivery drones. Myth or reality?



Nearing the era of shipping using drones: Jeff Bezos promises half-hour transportation using Amazon Prime Air

Jeff Bezos - a great showman. Amazon CEO likes to surprise revelation of new secrets, when he had the opportunity. Since the transfer of «60 minutes," he boasted to the latest development of his company: drones that can deliver parcels weighing up to 5 pounds to your home in less than half an hour. Technically, they are oktokopterami (ie eight rotor helicopters) and are part of the “Amazon Prime Air” program.

The drone sits at the end of the conveyor belt, waiting to pick up the package and is able to transport it up to 10 miles from the fulfillment center. Bezos says that Weight 86% parcels Amazon is less than 5 pounds.  He also promised the appearance of a squadron of UAVs, carriers that captured the sky, as soon as Amazon can develop the rules and figure out how to prevent the parcels from falling on the customer’s head.

How to prevent the fall of parcels

the head of the customer?

The program was focused mainly on holiday purchases, especially at the annual trade representation - Cyber ​​Monday. This is a great day for the Amazon - more than 300 goods will be ordered every second - It has done much to reveal the true intentions of the company. Amazon wants to "change the reality" for the delivery of purchases.

Charlie Rose spoke to several executives and employees at Amazon and visited one of the company's 96 large warehouses, also known as "fulfillment centers," and realized that their sprawling infrastructure needed a change.

Amazon shipping

"We like to be pioneers, we like to explore, we like to go into dark alleys and find out what is on the other side."

However, Jeff Bezos was the star of predictable transmission. He told how 18 years ago, he himself delivered parcels to the post office and dreamed of the day when he would have a forklift... (The situation has changed slightly since then.) He says it will be four or five years for drones to be able to deliver small packages right to your home, and in large part that time has to do with the fact that the company needs to work with the FAA to ensure that the Prime Air program is legal. “Amazon doesn't have the luxury of an unregulated FAA experience that Zookal does in Australia.

Bezos knows that much more to go, but his main message was simple: be ready. "It will work, it will happen and it will be a lot of fun».