Douglas C-54 Skymaster. A photo. Characteristic.
Douglas C-54 Skymaster. A photo. Characteristic.

Douglas C-54 Skymaster. A photo. Characteristic.



A type: chetyrehdvigatelny strategic transport aircraft

Capacity: A crew of three and up to 49 soldiers

Like its more famous predecessor, Douglas, the C-54 Skymaraster (Sky Master) was a military modification of the civil airliner DC-4A. Designed specifically to meet the company's requirements for long-distance airliners with airtight cabs, this aircraft was ordered in an amount of 61 copies for US companies, after which the US Air Force purchased an 71 aircraft - as the beginning of the war, most civilian DC-4A aircraft were also requisitioned Military service. Serial C-54 aircraft made the first flight 26 March 1942 year, and by October 24 aircraft were in operation of the Atlantic Wing Command of the military transport aviation. Modification A was presented at the beginning

1943 years, this aircraft had a cargo door, reinforced cabin floor, cargo winch on the boom and increased the wing fuel tanks. In the last years of the war the aircraft was subjected to further development in order to fulfill the varied requirements of the US Air Force.

In fact, they built about 1242 C-54 aircraft of various modifications. This number included 183 copies for the US Navy stationed in the Pacific under the designation R4D. After the war, C-54 / R4D long served both in the Air Force and in the US Navy, the last copies flew to the end of the 1960-ies. Former military aircraft have succeeded both in civil cargo carriers and in airborne firefighting organizations, and today several aircraft are still operating favorably around the globe. A small number of former military aircraft in the state of airworthiness appeared in organizations of fans of historical military aviation in the United States.

Basic data


  • Length: 28,63 m
  • Wingspan: 35,81 m
  • Height: 8,39 m


Power point: four engine R-2000-7 «Twin Wasp" Company "Pratt- Whitney"

Power: 5400 l. from. (4028 kW)

The weight:

  • BLANK: 17 237 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 33 112 kg


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 441 km / h
  • Range: 6276 km


Date of first flight:

  • July 7, 1938 (DC-4E civil aircraft)


Surviving airworthiness modifications:

  • C-54A / B / D / E / G, VC-54, R5D and DC-4