UAV A-2 "Tit"
UAV A-2 "Tit"

UAV A-2 "Tit"

UAV A-2 is remotely piloted aircraft. The second name - "Tit". It refers to a miniature aircraft. Designed on a "duck." Electric motor with a battery, designed for one hour air flight. UAV A-2 «Tit" developed in Ukrainian CB "Rise."

Start drone carried out with a specially installed a catapult or a human hand, and planting is done with the help of a parachute. There are several options for operation of A-2 «Tit":

  1. Environmental monitoring of the area.
  2. Conduct intelligence operations in areas of major accidents and disasters.
  3. Look at the close of protected sites.
  4. Intelligence protection of the state border.

UAVs "Tit" refers to the composition of the mobile unmanned multipurpose complex "SKIF-1». Short name - MMBK "Skif-1». In addition to this drone, the complex consists of ground equipment, control center and control the flight of the UAV, catapults, the antenna system.

Location, mode and flight direction are displayed on the computer screen ground complex. Also, there is shown the scanned map of the area. The device is great for monitoring ecological disasters, because it allows you to accurately calculate places where pockets of disaster.

A-2 UAV is equipped with the following equipment:

  1. Developed on the basis of GPS-35 satellite navigation system.
  2. Televizornaya camera or a set of two cameras (guided sightseeing and exchange rate).
  3. Digital radio, control equipment of the aircraft.
  4. TV transmitters with spread spectrum signal.
  5. Digital rights management.

Flight performance: takeoff weight - 5 kg; range - 20 km; airspeed - 80 km / h; ceiling - 2 km; the length of the unit - 0,95 m; wingspan - 1,8 m; the duration of the flight - 1 hours.

A-2 "Tit" The characteristics:

Modification A-2
Wingspan, m 1.80
Length m  0.95
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off 5.0
  Payload 1.0
engine's type  1 ED
power, kWt  X 1 0.4
Cruising speed, km / h  30-80
Practical range, km  
Radius of action, km  20
The flight duration, min  60
Practical ceiling, m      


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