Hummingbird UAV
Hummingbird UAV

Hummingbird UAV

UAV "Hummingbird" - this aviation system, which is designed for aerial inspection and control. The main objective of the unit is to perform reconnaissance operations and tactical tasks, it acts more part in the operations of any complexity.

BPA consists of a scoping device RPV-O and relay type RPV-P, as in the "Hummingbird" is the ground control station that processes the information. Item management apparatus produces a landing on the runway. To serve is a technical-operational system.

Drone "Hummingbird" is designed and manufactured in the normal scheme of aerodynamics. The plumage has a T-shaped circuit with two-blade pusher propeller type. During the flight the system chassis retract the aircraft. The chassis is represented by a system of bicycle type. Due to this take-off and landing of an aircraft on the device occur from the sample of GDP.

It should be noted that the design of the device is widely used elements of modern technology such as "Stealth", namely, radio-absorbing coatings and integral design of the fuselage, as the unit is equipped with an anti-jamming radio waves. There was also developed embodiment of the apparatus, which performs take-off from a special launcher. This extra solid propellant used for overclocking, this version of "Hummingbird" lands using a parachute system.

The average usage of this device reaches the 500 departure rate. This drone can be used in a wide temperature range from -40 to + 50 degrees. Using a reconnaissance device, it is possible to install a camera on it or a retractable television system, which is located on stabilizers. In this case, the transmission of information and video signals can be carried out in real time and real scale. This device remains in the design stage, further development depends on funding. At the moment, developed and manufactured only one such machine. 

Hummingbird UAV. Characteristics:

Modification   hummingbird
Wingspan, m   5.90
Length m   4.25
Weight, kg   380
engine's type   1 AP
Power, hp   X 1 75
Cruising speed, km / h   120 – 150
Practical range, km   70 – 80
Duration patrol hours   8
Practical ceiling, m   3500


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