Friendly team of "builders" of helicopters
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Friendly team of "builders" of helicopters

Friendly team of "builders" of helicopters

“Here is the opinion of Andrei Bychkov, who worked at the cost center for various leading design positions for nearly half a century, including the head of the design bureau and the deputy chief designer. By the way, Andrei Ivanovich calls himself “who escaped to retire two years ago precisely from effective managers”.

To begin with, the mere contents of the Russian Helicopters holding apparatus for 13 years of its existence fit into the figure of about 12 billion rubles. And to create a light Mi-54 helicopter, included in the aviation development program until 2025, the development of which I was in charge of, I needed only six billion ”(“ ”).

"The message in the topic:" Russian Helicopters "could not sell their products to India and Indonesia.

That is all the “Helicopters of Russia”, their inability to normal professional activities. But how many “necessary” people are attached to the directorates, departments, departments and other numerous bureaucratic structures of the HVR.

Here are just the composition of the administration:

  • CEO
  • Deputy General Director for Production
  • Deputy General Director for Sales and Service
  • Deputy General Director for Finance and Development
  • Deputy General Director for Programs and Projects
  • Deputy General Director for Legal Affairs and Corporate Development
  • Deputy CEO
  • Deputy CEO
  • Director of Sales
  • Marketing director
  • Service Director
  • Director of Innovative Development and Government Programs
  • Security director
  • IT Director
  • Purchasing Director
  • Production Director
  • Director of Legal Affairs
  • Director of quality
  • Director of Development Operations
  • Deputy Director for Development of Operations
  • Program Management Director
  • Director of Economics and Finance
  • Deputy Director for Economics and Finance
  • Director of Development
  • Director of Accounting
  • HR & Organizational Development Director
  • Advisor to the CEO of Business Development in India
  • CEO's councelor
  • CEO's councelor
  • CEO's councelor
  • Advisor to the General Director for Property Development
  • CEO's councelor
  • Advisor to the Deputy General Director for Sales and Services
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Assistant CEO
  • Assistant CEO
  • Assistant Deputy CEO for Finance and Development
  • Assistant Deputy General Director for Production
  • Assistant Deputy Director General for Programs and Projects

Next come the very necessary structures, such as the protocol department, the department of business trips, the AHO, the department of documentation support for the administration, strategic transactions, transport and legal, pricing and budgeting, accounting, corporate finance and the treasury, and so on and so forth ...

Good dozens of departments and departments involved in the collection and filing of papers and reports requested from each other and from subordinate enterprises.

Ilf and Petrov are quietly smoking aside. They never dreamed of that!

Finally, the services involved in the "specifics" are directorates of programs.

Moreover, each topic has its own direction. They are also many, each with at least a director, deputy, chief specialist, and not one. There is even a Department of Competitive Analysis and Strategic Planning!

Next is the Department of Product Marketing. It has departments for the types of helicopters. Naturally, in each department there is a chief, deputy and chief manager. Just managers apparently without an account ...

Further, the “business development” directorates - in Russia and the CIS with their departments, directorates for China and Southeast Asia, for India and the Middle East, for America and so on.

And this is only a small part of the structure of the HVR known to me! " (22.11.2019

With such a crowd of eaters, there can be no question of developing new helicopters, which require money. There are so many of them, and give them not just bread and butter, but always with black caviar! And in order to get rid of the annoying outstanding helicopter designer Sergei Viktorovich Mikheev with his real projects, it was decided, it seems to me, to optimize KB Kamov, which translated into normal language means: ELIMINATE, but under a good pretext. Before optimizing Kamov, they had previously organized their own design bureau of helicopters: “VR-Technologies - was created in 2014 as an innovative design bureau of the Holding“ Russian Helicopters ”to provide helicopters with competitive scientific and technical solutions” (LLC “VR-Technologies” russianhelicopters .aero ›ru).

The bottom line is that if you eliminate one design bureau, all the more if it is the best design bureau in the world, then why create a new design bureau, moreover, immeasurably weaker than the previous one? At the same time, at the exit, they already have a ready-made project for a light helicopter VRT500.

It is clear that the designers of KB “Technology” cannot create such a masterpiece and they turned to Kamov for help, who did not refuse their request. From here we have a copy of the Ka-115 helicopter (the model of the helicopter was first shown to the public at the MAKS-95 exhibition in Zhukovsky) with a slightly changed appearance, but with the same performance characteristics, and in 2023 they promise to start mass production already. This is how the Ka-115 helicopter project in VRT500 is “optimized”. It must be assumed that such "optimization" awaits the projects of high-speed helicopters Ka-92 and Ka-102. I would be happy as an ordinary resident, but the Ka-32-10AG helicopters should fly in the airspace of our vast Russia for a long time, and the flight tests of the Ka-92 and Ka-102 should come to an end with preparations for serial production!

It must be assumed that it was to accelerate the "optimization" that the holding was given Anatoly Serdyukov, the former Minister of Defense, with rich experience in the collapse of our Army. And "to the bulb" to these builders of the "high-speed" Mi-24LL that the American genuine high-speed coaxial helicopters have been tested for a long time and there is no doubt that they are already preparing for serial flights.

Oddly enough, but President V.V. Putin refers to the destruction of our aircraft industry as an outside observer, and even worse, secretly supporting the collapse of helicopter construction: he flies on the obsolete Mi-8, setting an example to others, and put into service the Mi-28NM, which is unsuitable for modern warfare, in return for the best helicopters in the world Ka-50. Yes, the Mi-52NM missile systems will have a longer range than the Mi-28N, but the trouble with the helicopters is that they are prone to hard landing for technical reasons, and even their low maneuverability compared to the Ka-28/50 !

This is another disaster of the already modern Mi-28UB near the Korenovsk airfield of the Krasnodar Territory, in which both experienced pilots died (11.12.19/XNUMX/XNUMX). It must be assumed that black boxes have already been deciphered, and the reasons have not been made public, so with a high degree of probability it can be assumed that the disaster occurred precisely for a technical reason. The crew who urgently landed this helicopter near the airfield during training flights is alive and well, so there is hope that the announcement of the results of the investigation into this disaster may be close to the truth.

But here is another sad news from Afghanistan about the Mi-35 helicopter, which crashed into the ground - the crew died (2020-01-08 The liberal media immediately “found” the reason: the pilots lost control. Mi helicopter pilots cannot cope with control only when the TAIL rotor fails !!!

By aircraft.

Look: what a handsome aircraft!

And, of course, this is a project of our designers: “… it is being developed at the Tupolev Design Bureau. It is called the IS-3 Sterkh…. "Sterkh" in one flight will be able to deliver four hundred passengers to a distance of twelve thousand kilometers, which, you see, is very good for civil aviation. You can also add that the wingspan of this car will be forty-two meters, and four PS-90A engines will lift the car into the air.

Here are just the "four PS-90A engines" - this is not a "fly in the ointment", but a whole "TAZ of tar" in this project. It was these engines that became the reason for abandoning the IL-96 passenger airliners, accusing them of excessive fuel consumption. There are NK-93 engines, which are much more economical and stronger than Perm turbojets:

Thrust PS-90A = 16t, and the NK-93 engine in the tests developed thrust to 20t, although its design thrust = 18t. Moreover, the designers of this engine say that without problems you can increase traction up to 23t.

At one time, Prime Minister V.V. Putin from G.A. Zyuganov and then letters from the group of communist deputies were sent to fine-tune the NK-93 with the subsequent launch in a series, but in response received bureaucratic letters. And the gluttonous PS-90A is again attached to the modern Sterkh project. Miracles, and more!

Apparently, the Putin-Medvedev government forbade the Vashobkom to have in its state highly efficient engines and perfect aircraft with helicopters?

If not, then why are government liberals ruthlessly destroying the very best in our aviation:

  • a true fifth-generation fighter MiG-5 is removed from testing and instead of it, a Su-1.44 fighter with worse characteristics is developed from "0", besides it looks like a copy of the American F-57;
  • instead of the remarkable Tu-334, which was specially developed for flights in Russia, ready for serial production, the “super-duper” SSJ-100 unsuitable for our airports from the mediocre M. Poghosyan is designed from scratch. Crazy sums of money were spent on this plane, and it still is not really in operation;
  • the outstanding IL-96 is removed from service in favor of foreign airliners;
  • the outstanding Ka-50 Black Shark coaxial combat helicopter is withdrawn from service and the President’s willful decision is that our Air Force will arm the Mi-28N unsuitable for modern warfare, and even not reliable ones, which will then bring many accidents and catastrophes, killing the lives of highly skilled pilots;
  • development of compact, reliable and economical coaxial helicopters with an enviable power ratio of Ka-32-10AG based on the serial Ka-32 helicopter is torpedoed;
  • real projects of high-speed Ka-92 and Ka-102 helicopters are not allowed to be developed, for which models of “high-speed” false projects Mi-X1 and RACHEL are positioned at exhibitions, at a time when our enemies are actively testing coaxial high-speed helicopters;
  • Moreover, at the competition of high-speed combat helicopters S.V. Mikheev of the “commission” was presented with a real-life PBB project (a promising combat helicopter) with coaxial helicopter maneuverability and a maximum speed of 600k / h, which means that the cruising speed of this combat helicopter will be at least = 450k / h, i.e. it will be a truly high-speed helicopter, which is what is required for modern war!

  • instead of a real high-speed attack helicopter Mikheev continue to "test" as a helicopter of the future the dense Mi-24LL?

Russian Helicopters began testing a promising high-speed helicopter. It clarifies that the main goal of the project is to create a scientific and technical reserve for increasing the flight speed of helicopters by 1,5 times in comparison with serial machines that are currently being produced.

And now let's take a look: the Mi-24 Vcr. = 265k / h. Increasing this speed by one and a half times we get V = 397k / h. The Mi-24LL reached such speed only in the language of the glanced manager A. Boginsky, and even that is record speed, but we are talking about cruising speed, which is clearly NOT REAL for a single-rotor helicopter with a tail rotor!

Here is the American Piasecki X-49 SpeedHawk, with wings and a rotary tail rotor

“The first flight of the Pyasetsky X-49A performed 29 June 2007 of the year.

The nearest development plans include the installation of a third engine on the X-49A SpeedHawk, as well as retractable landing gear and fairing on the rotor hub to reduce vibration.

It is planned that the cruising speed of serial helicopters will exceed 383 kilometers per hour, and the maximum - 415 kilometers per hour, while for the SH-60F the corresponding figures are 241 and 256 kilometers per hour (Piasecki X-49 SpeedHawk


Vitaly Belyaev, especially for

What kind of pop is this and the parish. Spetsov spread rot. Some managers. Those who do not have specialized education. People with a different psychology are at the leadership only not with aviation.

for the year 12 helicopters with difficulty assembled 9 amat portray something and silts very effective managers of young people of Sergey well-known to the states you can rejoice at their work
and they should be awarded the highest orders of the usa and israel

Interestingly Mishustin will be able to restore order in this wasteful organization?

Mishustin, of course, will not be able to restore order. There is no such plan. Most likely the result will be a long unsuccessful butting with liberal profanators and outright traitors, which in the best case will end with the demolition of the liberal leadership of the WHOLE. Perhaps together with Putin.