Barcelona Airport Duty Free
Barcelona Airport Duty Free

Barcelona Airport Duty Free

Spain is a favorite place for most tourists. People come here, not only to get a refined tan and taste Mediterranean cuisine, but also to have a good time shopping for tours. Barcelona is often called the tourist capital of Spain, and for this there really is a reason. Infrastructure of the city allows you to take thousands of holidaymakers a day, so here come in one season, tens of millions of people. An integral part of the infrastructure of this city are special duty-free trade zones - the so-called. duty free. Barcelona Airport has a number of Duty Free shops, where high-quality products are sold at affordable prices.

All products, which are realized in the walls of the terminal, are not subject to state taxes, which makes their cost is much lower than in any other city outlets.

Duty free Barcelona AirportWhat you can buy here

The range of goods that are sold at the airport in Barcelona, ​​extensive. As a rule, it is treated tobacco, perfumes and cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, brand clothes and shoes, souvenirs. Also here sell very high-quality local wines, which are famous all over the world.

Barcelona Airport Duty Free

As the cost of wine in duty free is much smaller, it stimulates the visitors of Barcelona who are going to leave the country, and finally come to make favorable purchase several unique drink bottles.

Approximate prices for some products from the duty free, Barcelona Airport

• Wine - from 6 to 20 euros per 1 bottle

• Champagne - around 33 euros for 1 bottles.

• Whiskey - 15-38 Euro

• Rum - about 16 euro

• Brandy - in the area of ​​23 euro

• Liqueurs - Euro 14-21

• Toblerone Dark chocolate bar (400 g) - Euro 7,5

• A large package of sweets M & M's - 6 euro

• Perfumes - Euro 16-42.

In addition to all of the above, the duty free shops offer a lot of original things that come from abroad and are only sold in these establishments. Also at the shop windows is a large variety of souvenirs, which are cheaper than on the Spanish resorts. Forms of payment used different. The most profitable pay cashless plastic cards opened in euros.

Order online - convenient service to Barcelona Airport

It so happens that you know in advance about the lack of time for shopping in duty free at the airport. For such cases, there is a form of online ordering. Buy items can be remotely and collect it in a special box with the presentation of their passport and boarding pass for the flight.