Duty Free Airport Ben Gurion
Duty Free Airport Ben Gurion

Duty Free Ben Gurion airport


For most tourists, a favorite place for shopping is duty free shops. Ben-Gurion Airport, which is the largest air terminal in the capital of Israel, is very popular in this respect. Having passed passport or customs control and having thrown things into luggage, you have a lot of time before departure. How to conduct it? There are a lot of options at the Israeli airport. You can sit in a cafe for a cup of tea, you can taste the national cuisine in the restaurant, but the most priority activity, according to passengers, will be walks through the Duty Free duty free trade outlets, which have a huge number here.

What can you buy in duty free (Ben Gurion Airport)

Duty Free at this Israeli airport are among the richest in abundance and choice of goods shops of a kind. As in all other international airports of this country, their work is carried out around the clock, without a lunch break. Tourists who visit the duty free airport of Ben-Gurion, will be able to buy themselves or their friends, relatives and friends gifts and souvenirs is much cheaper than in city stores. The assortment of elite alcohol, chocolates, perfumes and cosmetics, branded clothes and accessories is simply impressive with quality, an abundance of choice and low cost.

The most popular among the fair sex representatives was the cosmetics of the Dead Sea line, in the creation of which the natural components of this unique natural body of water are used. A large number of salts and minerals of natural origin makes the skin of any woman fresh and younger. The price policy of duty free fare in this terminal is similar to the world practice of Duty Free: the prices for goods are lower due to the absence of a component for state taxation. In addition, often in Ben-Gurion held various promotions and sales, during which you can buy the necessary things for yourself at the lowest price. All products have different certificates of conformity, confirming its quality. Also sometimes on the airport territory tastings of perfums, food stuffs and alcoholic drinks are spent.

Duty Free Airport Ben Gurion

Duty free at the airport, Ben Gurion is very similar to a supermarket that sells a variety of food. At the entrance there are the baskets and carts used by your visitors, as in conventional grocery stores. Near the cash register often builds up a long queue. It should be noted that the Duty Free in Israel, in addition to the original cosmetics, also sells delicious products: the world famous wines, figs, exotic oriental sweets, olive oil, hummus, halvah, sesame seeds made of. There is also sold souvenirs with Israeli symbols at a more affordable price.

Terms of the purchase in duty free in Israel

In 2011 was adopted a new package of regulations, according to which otovaritsya in Duty Free zone in Israel will be able to only those who have on hand your passport and boarding pass air. The adoption of such rules was a forced reaction of the Government to the fact that the recent increase in counterfeit boarding pass for entry to the zone of free trade. They are printed on a color printer. That is the purchase at a special price do people who are not flying out of the state of Israel.

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