Duty Free Dubai Airport
Duty Free Dubai Airport

Duty Free Dubai Airport


Free trade zone with no taxes is a large building of the airport in Dubai. On arrival in Dubai most of the passengers tend to get duty free. The size of this area is relatively small, but where you can buy all the necessary things, namely, cigarettes, alcohol, sweets, perfumes. On the import of cigarettes and alcohol in Dubai has strict limitations. It is allowed to carry a maximum of four bottles of alcohol and four hundred cigarettes.

Dubai airport duty free - shop is incredibly luxurious and excellent price range, and attendant greets the travelers at the airport. He has numerous awards and offers a unique lottery called "happy surprise", providing an opportunity to win an expensive car. No less important is the fact that Dubai airport duty free around the clock.

Duty Free Dubai Airport

Like other airports, Duty free Dubai airport is divided into two zones: the shops located in the arrivals area, and Duty free on departure.

With regard to the total area of ​​the store, it is more than 10 thousand sq. M. m. They are invited to tobacco, alcohol, clothes of famous brands, cosmetics, sunglasses, gold, electronics, souvenirs, books, golf products, souvenirs and much more. Duty Free (Dubai Airport) is considered one of the best in the world.

On departure from the UAE open to tourists almost limitless possibilities - a huge variety of shops and boutiques. In each of them a certain range of goods. In one selling cigarette in the other - alcohol, in the third - cosmetics and perfumes, in the fourth - jewelry and ornaments, in the fifth - audio and video equipment, appliances, etc.

Shopping at the airport duty free Dubai: some features

As already mentioned, there are limits on the export of certain goods: one tourist is allowed to take no more than 2 liters of wine and other spirits, 2 kg of tobacco, cigarettes 2000, 400 cigars.

In the event of excess baggage, which is governed by rules and regulations tariff air carrier, will have to perform extra on hand. Often in the queue for extra costs a lot of Afghans, Indians, Pakistanis, that takes a lot of time.

Be sure to leave some money to before flying home to buy souvenirs and gifts to their relatives. Baggage delivered, you have to hurry, and you can safely walk on the large halls, in order to select the desired item from the range.

Original jewelry that no one except you will not be your favorite perfume, elite makeup artists and samples of known natural cosmetics, fur and skin - and this is not the entire list. Linens and towels, household chemicals, beautiful gowns and soft toys, appliances and dishes - all of these trends will delight your friends and family.

Duty Free Dubai Airport

But connoisseurs of spirits, wine and unique collections will necessarily have to taste a rich selection of submitted manufacturers from different countries. If you love jewelry and gold, want to own a unique masterpiece at competitive prices, you direct road to the duty free.

Classy selection of collections with different stones, brooches, rings, bracelets and pendants - iridescence and glitter blind eye, not allowed to stop on one purchase. Hand crafts and works of art, fine jewelry and fine watches, daily necessities and food - it all there in the Duty Free Dubai Airport.

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