Airport Duty Free Egypt
Airport Duty Free Egypt

Airport Duty Free Egypt


For each Russian duty free - a variety of alcoholic and tobacco products, perfumes, cosmetics, toys, gifts, accessories and clothing from famous brands. Our compatriots, flying for holidays in Egypt, it is often bought cigarettes and spirits.

And there are several good reasons.

  • These groups of goods are the highest taxes, saving on their purchase in duty free several times.

  • Really high-quality alcohol is found in the same Egypt, it is very difficult, and even such a service as "all inclusive" does not delight holidaymakers quality alcohol.


Airport Duty Free Egypt

It should be noted that the duty free shop at the airport Sharma is much smaller than the exact same shop at the international airport of Hurghada. Moreover, it turns out even more expensive hurgadinskogo. Cost of goods in duty free airport Egypt will delight visitors.

If we analyze the price of alcohol in shops and supermarkets Russian, then buying in the Egyptian duty free costs significantly cheaper. When the product is not cheap, the difference is especially pronounced.

Of course, duty free prices in Egypt are fixed, bargaining is inappropriate. And the price tags in dollars.

Department of alcohol, in which you can find candy and chocolate halva, separated from the perfumery and cosmetics. There are two different store with separate funds.

Airport Duty Free Egypt

The perfume and cosmetic shop is quite a wide choice, but consumers might question the quality of the goods and to pay attention to the expiration date. You will hardly find there collections. Many popular products out there do not.

In addition, you may stumble on the counter with a clock, which is all mixed up: the old collection alongside new. It is difficult to say how the new collection there are imported. All are mixed randomly and simply pushes buyers.

The airport duty free Egypt offers an impressive selection of popular brands of sunglasses, leather goods (wallets, belts) and some bags, a collection of branded accessories. This hurgadinskom duty free, Sharma is so not. There is alcoholic beverages along with a souvenir, but in another department - perfume and cosmetics and watches.

However you disappointed, do not forget to visit the duty free in Egypt, as it contains a variety of marks and brands, and sometimes difficult to understand, when you see something really worthwhile.

Duty free airport Egypt a few rules of buying goods

Local law does not allow visitors to tourists during the holidays in the country to buy more than three bottles of liquor or a case of beer and two bottles of such drinks. Usually, on the outskirts of the country's duty free airport Egypt can be bought more.