Yekaterinburg Airport Duty Free
Yekaterinburg Airport Duty Free

Duty Free Ekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport


Duty Free Shop Yekaterinburg Airport constantly expanding its range of products, increasing it several times.

Since 2002, duty free occupied 137 m at the Yekaterinburg airport2. However, after moving to a new terminal area increased to 775 m2. According to General Director Olga Korotkov so they were able to increase the range by more than 1,5 thousand. Names and attract more international brands, which are more stringent requirements for retailers and inventive approach.

In particular, now in duty free Koltsovo there are cosmetics and perfumes from Clarens, Shiseido, Chanel, as well as personalized units of Hugo Boss, Swarovski, Porsche Design and Montblanc. The accessories segment will be joined by Dolce Gabbana, Ray-Van, Pradа, Burberry, Versace. In addition, the range of alcoholic beverages has also expanded.

Yekaterinburg Airport Duty Free

"If earlier we could only engage in the sale of Hennessy VSOP and VS, now received permission at Paradise and CW. Exactly the same situation with other cognac groups where there were restrictions on the age category of chemical weapons ", - said A. Korotkov. The airport duty free Yekaterinburg created connoiusseurs corner - the so-called area for connoisseurs. At the moment, we discuss the possibility of tasting drinks.

Recently, she said, the dynamics of shopping is not reduced. And basically it is the regular increase in production, as passenger traffic continues to decline. For five months of the year 2009, according to Koltsovo international flights served about 195 thousand. People. Moreover, this figure about 20% less than the same period last year.

According to the General Director Kirill Shubin, Koltsovo, new duty free it is one of the largest in Russia after Moscow's airports.

It is worth noting that the network "KAPO Duty Free" has fifteen stores, mostly located on the border with Norway, Finland, Estonia, China, Ukraine. Koltsovo - this is the first airport where the company opened its store. In November 2008 store was opened at the airport in Chelyabinsk, and today are considered proposals to open his shop the Sochi airport. The main supplier of "Duty Free» - Gebrueder Heinemann KG, a German company known.

Duty free airport Yekaterinburg - high customer service

Shop of accessories and designer clothing Versace, Emporio Armani, Ferragamo in a sterile area of ​​the airport - a truly unique phenomenon in the Russian reality, this is no other Russian airports. The ability to acquire stylish branded items at lower prices in a sterile area of ​​Koltsovo will be a nice event in the beginning of the travel abroad.

A wide choice of cosmetics and perfumes for a long time will set you in the store, but do not forget that you have a flight. Various drinks will please the most demanding visitor, and the assortment of sweets to make a purchase will make even an adult.

Yekaterinburg Airport Duty Free

Passengers on international flights will be a pleasant surprise a wide selection of gifts and accessories at competitive prices Ekaterinburg airport duty free.

Especially for passengers airport employees "KAPO Duty Free" selected the best brands of cosmetics and perfumes from well known manufacturers. Here are products of world famous brands: Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, Gucci, Armani and others. Sales consultants will help you choose the fragrance or cosmetic products.

If you don't have time to buy an original business souvenir, you can pamper yourself right at the airport. Wide range of accessories from Swarovski, Kenzo, Prada, Burberry, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, D&G, Prada and business gifts from Montblanc and Porsche Design. And all this at low prices!

Koltsovo airport duty free shops


At the airport Koltsovo located a lot of shops of free trade.


Shops designer clothes, shoes and accessories Emporio Armani, Ferragamo, Versace are in the sterile area of ​​the airport. For Russia, it is a novelty. This area does not have any more one domestic airport. Opportunity to purchase branded clothes or shoes on the traditional discounted prices will be a pleasant beginning of your foreign travel.


Huge selection of cosmetics and perfumes for a long time is able to keep you on the territory of the shop Duty Free, the main thing to remember about the time and not be late for your flight.


The abundance of alcoholic beverages pleases the eye of adults and children like a large assortment of sweets and chocolate.


Those who leave the country, always try to pay for the duty-free shopping walk as much as possible


Duty free at the airport Koltsovo offers to buy goods, which cost an average of 30% lower than shops in the city of Yekaterinburg.


Especially for travelers departing from the airport, the company "KAPO Duty Free" has selected the best brands of cosmetics and perfumes in the world. It sells to 100% quality, authentic products of world famous brands: Givenchy, Armani, Gucci, Dior, Chanel. To help with the choice of cosmetic or fragrance consultants are always happy to shop.

Such an abundance of sweets from around the world, just do not find in a city store. It sells these gift sets as Mozart, composed of milk chocolates with marzipan and cream praline, which gently harbor mouth, and Excellence Intense Orange, combines tender slices of orange and crunchy slices of almonds, which together with dark chocolate leaves an unforgettable aftertaste.

Business people who go on a business trip can buy a business souvenir at the Koltsovo airport and please their foreign partners with it. Tourists who forgot to take sunglasses on a trip can also buy them in duty free. The store offers a huge selection of accessories from Versace, Burberry, Prada, Ray Ban, Ferragamo, Salvatore, Kenzo, Swarovski, Gucci and business gifts from Montblanc and Porsche Design. And all this at affordable prices.

Through purchases in Duty Free, the main thing - do not get carried away and keep track of time, so as not to miss landing on your flight.

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15.09.17 on departure from the internal terminal bought the watch, left it there before the return. 30.09 took it. At home it turned out that the clock did not go. I went to Koltsovo, promised to call back. I'm waiting for 3 weeks. There is no information. Contact the competent authorities?


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