Duty Free Airport Finland
Duty Free Airport Finland

Duty Free Airport Finland


It's no secret that the duty-free shops are fully exempt from fees and taxes and are designed for consumers who can take the goods abroad. Duty Free located in the international zone of ports and airports, ferry and road checkpoints.

Duty free at the airport in Finland

Duty-free shop duty free directly in the Finnish airport. There visitors can expect euros, rubles and dollars. Also accepts credit cards. The Duty Free makes sense to buy cigarettes, alcohol and perfume, which are much cheaper than in Russia and Finland.

What are the limits

Visiting these stores, it is worth remembering that both Russia and Finland have restrictions on the import of cigarettes and alcohol.

Passengers are allowed to carry liquids flights (toilet water, alcohol) in the cabin. But it is important that the liquids were purchased from Duty Free day trip. They must be sealed with a plastic bag inside of which is a check, and it should be understood that the airport officials checked it.

Duty Free Airport Finland

On board some cruise ships forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages purchased in Duty Free.

How profitable duty free airport Finland

Lower tariffs in the duty free shops explains the net value added. The same principle works recovery system "Tax free". Here are just a Tax Free checks are not made out, since the VAT is already off of the value of the goods.

In Finland the airport duty free you can buy cigarettes and alcohol because they have the highest taxes and most will bargain. The range of whiskey, brandy, white and red wine, gin, sparkling wine, beer, liqueurs.

Apart from cigarettes and alcohol, sold perfumes, cosmetics, candy and chocolate, jewelery, costume jewelery, watches. Perfume by Christian Dior, Givenchy, Lancome, Giorgio Armani, Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren. Cosmetics Christian Dior, L'Oreal, Lancome, Elizabeth Arden. Gloves and ties Gucci, Hermes, sunglasses Ray Ban, Montblanc.

Duty Free Airport Finland

But be that as it may, not all products in duty free to buy profitable. Similarly cheaper cigarettes and alcohol, cosmetics. But chocolate gifts, nuts, candy, chips can do even more than just a store.

With a beer in Finland it is not so simple. The fact is that in this country empty bottles and cans of beer, soft drinks and long drinks can be taken. Their cost - of 10 50 to 1 cents per piece. It would seem that money is small, but the packaging of beer is 5-10 euros. For bottles and cans bought in duty free shops, do not return the money.

But strong beer, which is sold in Finland only in stores Alko, will be cheaper to take in duty free airport Finland.

Make a note of all of the above, if you are going to travel to Finland on air transport.


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