Frankfurt Airport Duty Free
Frankfurt Airport Duty Free

Frankfurt Airport Duty Free


The airport in Frankfurt is the largest in Germany. From the city center it is located 15 km. In part two airport terminal: terminal 1 with sectors A, B and C and the terminal 2 with sectors D and E. From one terminal to another can be accessed by means of a monorail or bus.


Since it is the largest institution of the country, serving airlines from around the world, a good development when it received the infrastructure, including duty free. Frankfurt Airport is among the ten largest airports in the world with a highly developed structure of the duty-free shops.

Frankfurt Airport Duty Free

Modern man to explain the work of the duty free is not necessary. These areas - an integral part of any international airport, they are very popular with tourists because of the low price and high quality. If earlier one could only buy alcohol, perfumes and accessories, but now a number of products has increased significantly. Number of goods offered in the Frankfurt airport duty free, compared to a large shopping center.


Hike for shoppers in the duty-free zone Frankfurt Airport will be a real pleasure.


Duty Free is very cozy and comfortable. Tourists, who will perform landing in the city of Germany, can make reservations online for nine hours before his departure.


Duty free airport FrankfurtShops


In addition to 30 duty-free departments, this establishment has over 200 stores. Most of them are located in the departure area of ​​Schengen flights at Shopping Boulevard Terminal 1. These specialized stores sell products of world brands: Porsche Design, Marc O'Polo, Esprit, Tiffany & Co., Bvlgari, Hermès, Montblanc, Swarovski.


Perfect quality portfolios and bags offers boutique Picard, located next to the gate V22. A variety of souvenirs, bags with symbols of Lufthansa sold in WorldShop, located in the central part of the terminal 1.


Huge selection of traditional German jewelery and gift items for the table you can find in the store Gifts +++.


Duty Free offers not only the standard of alcoholic beverages, but the original proposals from around the world. Some of the products impossible to meet even the largest of German supermarkets.


Traditional German food, beer, wine and other drinks can be bought at germany & more. Most stores are open from 7:00 am to 22:00 pm.


Duty Free attract their customers low prices on high-quality branded confectionery, tobacco products, perfumes, cosmetics, toys, accessories and food. Whether tourists travel within Germany and between countries, if they have a boarding pass right to purchase, paying them duty-free prices in the airport of Frankfurt.

Fly away from the 2 terminal in Moscow by Aeroflot. Having read about the selection of chic shops, I was very disappointed, as the terminal 2 their minimum number of ... General store cosmetics / perfume / junkies and m and a total of about 5 branded shops ..

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