Airport Duty Free Shop Alcohol
Airport Duty Free Shop Alcohol

Airport Duty Free Shop Alcohol

All the passengers who were leaving their country through the airport, are often faced with the duty free shops. In these places you can buy any goods at very competitive prices. Best-selling product in the airport duty free shops - is alcohol. And there is absolutely nothing surprising. Many passengers gladly hold while flying with his favorite alcoholic drink, and even for a low price.

Duty free shop at the airport - a shop-alcohol

Duty free shops are trading platforms at border crossings that legally can not be taxed (excise, VAT). Thus, taking a neutral territory, these stores do not accrue additional 25-50% on the cost of goods. Therefore, prices for the products in duty free is much lower than in the same store, located on the territory of a State. The most common range of DutyFree - this, of course, alcohol, tobacco and perfume.

Airport Duty Free Shop Alcohol

The story began in the Duty Free 1947 year in Ireland. It was there that he built the first duty-free shop. It is still functioning. Closer to 60-th years the bulk of entrepreneurs realized the benefits of such special places and decided to open similar stores around the world. After Ireland was time to airports in China, the US and Europe.

In the USSR, first appeared in the Duty Free 88-year. It was founded by the joint forces of the Irish company AerReantaInternational and Soviet company "Aeroflot". Shop put in Sheremetyevo-2. By this time in Russia there are about 150 duty-free shops. Annual revenue - one billion US dollars.

Airport Duty Free Shop Alcohol 3

So, why are duty-free shops called "shop-alcohol"? The fact that alcohol, like tobacco, is a commodity to which the state gives the greatest toll. That is, for example, a foreign company produces a strong alcoholic beverage at one cost. Once in the country, where it is implemented, it is subjected to many wrapping, including state sales tax - the excise duty and VAT. And this is another cost. On average, the price can range from 40 to 50%. Naturally, when a drink gets into the zone of free trade, this tax is not applicable, which means that goods can be sold much cheaper. Thus, prices in Duty Free networks are much lower than in other stores. The benefit of the question is the same 50%. By the way, the tax on a souvenir or a children's toy does not exceed the indicator 25%, so the popularity of other goods in comparison with alcohol is small.

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