Duty Free airport Nizhniy Novgorod
Duty Free airport Nizhniy Novgorod

Duty Free airport Nizhny Novgorod


"Duty free" - is duty-free payment system, which is implemented in the sectors of international airports, ferries and on all courts, both air and water. Airport Nizhny Novgorod of an international class, and thus the service sector must comply. Before 2011, the duty free at the airport in Nizhny Novgorod worked without any difficulties. However, there was a problem with the tenant, and it was decided to hold a tender for a trading place.

Duty Free airport Nizhniy Novgorod

At the beginning of 2011, the airport management announced its readiness to resume duty-free trade on its territory. According to the initial plans, the supply of perfume products was prepared for the premises for Duty Free stores. After it was planned to expand the range of alcohol and other related products. In November, Vyborg company ZAO "KAPO Duty Free" won the tender. Its main advantage was the presence of a large number of branches on the borders of different countries (Estonia, Finland, China, Ukraine, Norway), and, accordingly, the availability of extensive experience in this field. The company's management started operating in the airport territory in mid-August.

Duty free. Airport Nizhny Novgorod

For the period of 2012 years on the territory of Nizhny Novgorod airport worked two sections of free trade. One shop offers passengers the opportunity to buy mismatched cosmetics, perfumes and accessories, while the second deals with the sale of confectionery and tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. Both stores are wholly owned Kapo Duty Free. According to the company's plans, in addition to the previously mentioned products, it planned to expand the range of dry goods, jewelry, watches, jewelry and clothes of many famous brands.

Duty Free airport Nizhniy Novgorod

Also, Mann had planned to find a tenant the duty free network in Strigino Airport, which is already on the ground floor in an area 145m2 successfully carried out free trade.

Pre-orders for goods in the duty free airport Nizhniy Novgorod

More recently, a unique opportunity for passengers on international flights that depart from Nizhny Novgorod, pre-order in the stores duty free network directly on the site distributor. Sam goods can be obtained seven days after the application, of course, after passing customs and passport control.

This feature simplifies the customer service. The benefit is to save time, you receive the goods, without queues and the ability to select and leisurely explore the products. The choice for customers in the duty free airport network Nizhny Novgorod consist of 3000 names.