Prague Airport Duty Free
Prague Airport Duty Free

Prague Airport Duty Free


Make purchases at the airport is easy and pleasant. The infrastructure of the major European airports is very developed, it extends to the duty free shops. Prague Airport is not only a point of departure, arrival of many flights, but also well-known shopping center.


Duty free airport Prague: What are the offers


For passengers in the airport of the capital of the Czech Republic there are more than 85 duty free shops. The time of their work is standard - from 7.00 to 21.00. These institutions offer their visitors to buy elegant clothes and accessories, including handbags, scarves, ties, shoes and jewelry. Also here are selling watches and jewelry, toys and articles made of glass, fur. The transit part of the terminal №1 and the terminal №2 are occupied by the shops Duty Free and Travel Value, selling a wide range of popular confectionery and alcohol products, as well as perfumes and cosmetics of world famous brands. The most high-quality Czech food products are sold in specialized stores in terminals No. 1 and 2.


Duty free airport Prague: Urgent action


In the area of ​​the Prague airport duty free program operates cheap shopping in the Czech Republic - Best price guarantee.

Prague Airport Duty Free

Similar to many other international airports where you can find items marked with «The Best Price Guarantee». Those stores that are connected to this promotional program, will implement some of the goods at the lowest prices in the Czech Republic.


Security measures


It should be noted that in European airports security measures do not impose any restrictions on the sale of drinks, gels, creams, perfumes, and other liquids. The exception here is flying to the United States (see. Below).


Terminal №1


When you purchase goods from this group in the terminal №1, then your purchase with a check at the cash register must be packed in special transparent sealed bags. The number of purchases and the amount is not limited. After leaving the store, and to arrive at your destination with a package of fluids must not be opened.


Terminal №2


Duty free shops are located in the terminal just outside the checkpoint, so there is no need for the adoption of security measures and sealing purchases in transparent bags. This procedure is done only for transit passengers who are still waiting for a transplant in another airport.


So do not ensure the purchase of confiscated his arrival at another airport.


Flights to the United States as an exception


At the present time for all flights, following the US, subject to special security measures distinguished from operating in Europe. Each passenger is allowed only one packet provozka gels and liquids.


You can not carry more than US 100 ml of a name of the substance, and the total amount shall not exceed L 1.

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