Samara Airport Duty Free
Samara Airport Duty Free

Duty Free airport Samara


Samara - a Russian city, which is one of the largest Russian transport nodes. This was possible thanks to the development of modern transportation. One of the main traffic veins of the city is major airport Kurumoch. It has international status and therefore maintenance, respectively, the international class. In practice, a few dozen aircraft make is landing and taking off. From this summer, the airport 2013 2-on the first floor of the airport complex has opened a world-renowned network of Duty Free Shop. This store is known that sells a variety of products duty-free. That is, all the goods are much cheaper than in the shops located in the city. Duty free airport Samara - one of the largest and most profitable branches throughout Russia.

Samara Airport Duty Free

For the period from 2013 to 2014 year there was a problem with the choice of the operator. But nevertheless the given problem was solved, and it became the department of the company "Irkutsk Duty Free". The tender began in January. Seven different international and Russian companies took part in it. In the fall of 14, Irkutsk Duty Free has planned to set up trading floors. Naturally, as in all other similar stores, at least 40% of the presented goods will be alcohol and tobacco products. These goods are most taxed, so the buyer can save on them from 25 to 50% of the cost. The third part of the shelves will be perfumery and cosmetics, about 15% will be represented by accessories and clothing of well-known trade brands. Well, the rest of the place on the plan of the company will go to toys, sweets.

Kurumoch customers will do. Duty free airport Samara takes about 850 m2. Irkutsk company was selected because of its extensive experience in the duty-free sales. For the full year of about 1,5 million people are at the airport, of course, that at least half of them happen in the Duty Free. With this in mind, the airport management has put forward higher requirements for the company.

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At the moment, these shops have become an integral part of a major international airport. It is on their quality will depend on the prestige of the airport. Each person in the waiting room, of course, will run better shopping than going to miss on a bench in the waiting room.

Apart from Samara airport, duty free and located in the city. Locals have long appreciated the quality and price of products offered.