Vnukovo Airport Duty Free
Vnukovo Airport Duty Free

Vnukovo Airport Duty Free


For people who make a business trip abroad, or enjoy many airports have opened shops. Of particular interest are the shops, are not subject to excise duties and charges, Duty Free.

Duty free at Vnukovo - Shop, whose services can take advantage of passengers who have been registered. It is usually carried out for 3-4 hours before departure, which means that travelers still plenty of time for shopping in duty free. This shop is only available for passengers leaving the territory of his country.

Duty free at the airport Vnukovo: Features of the work

This store has an impressive trading area and is able to present a rich assortment of goods to customers. Thanks to the conclusion of long-term contracts for the supply of products with world famous manufacturers, the assortment of the store at the airport Duty Free is constantly replenished with goods of world famous brands. To see the demand of customers for a certain category of goods, stores of this line are supplied with video surveillance systems that help analyze the needs and wishes of customers and establish an increase in interest in a particular product.

Shop tries to pursue a policy of rational use of its retail space. Popular products installed in an easily accessible place. This creates additional convenience for clients, which will save time on finding that the goods that they need to buy. This position does the job better and duty free convenient.

Vnukovo Airport Duty Free

Duty free at the airport Vnukovo that you can buy

  • Sweets and food


Before you go on board the aircraft, think about the same whether your tastes and preferences with airlines menu. It is especially important to think about this question, if you are planning a long flight.


Remember that you can always buy their favorite sweets, chocolate, food and drinks. Even if you do not have a sweet tooth, but I enjoy good food and are confident that the proposed menu on the plane will not be able to satisfy your appetite, the range of food products, as proposed in the duty free, you will never leave hungry.


  • Souvenirs and gifts to relatives and friends


This allows the store to pick up original souvenirs for their foreign partners. Here there is a rich selection of watches and jewelry of famous brands, if you do not have the time to buy gifts.


If while traveling is your favorite person to celebrate his birthday, surprise, you can take care of in advance. The friendly and attentive consultants will help you choose a gift and arrange it nicely.

Vnukovo Airport Duty Free

Even if you forget to take a trip essentials, duty free selling everything that can be useful:

  • personal care products;
  • wet wipes;
  • writing.

Departing on a trip with children may have to buy a new toy to distract the child during the flight. The child likes to draw, but you forgot at home pencils? Stationery can be purchased at the airport to take your child on the plane. This will make the flight for a baby less tedious.

  • Alcoholic drinks

To relax on board and mark the important dates of people take with alcohol. Prices of alcoholic beverages in the line of duty free store a pleasant surprise. There is nothing strange, because the alcohol in our country is the biggest tax and duty-free trade zone they will cost much cheaper.

Gourmets, who prefer to drink collectible and exclusive wines can enjoy authentic French and Italian products. One bottle of sparkling wine in duty free can be purchased for as low as 10 euros.

The wide range offered here stronger alcoholic drinks, such as:

  • bottle of gin (1 L) can be bought for 10-17 euros;
  • 0,5 liters of whiskey Jameson - of 14 euros;
  • 0,5 liters of tequila - of 12 euros;
  • 0,5 liter of rum Baccardi - 12 euros.

Also, alcoholic drinks at Duty Free sold in mini-bottles, which cost starts at 2 euros.

Each country makes its own restrictions on imports alkogolesoderzhaschey products. To this nuance of ignorance you have not seized the purchased goods at the place of arrival, it is necessary to see this information in advance, or seek help from a counselor in the Duty Free.

Perfumes for yourself and as a gift

For those who like to travel, duty free - a great place to buy luxury cosmetics and perfumes, because the prices are significantly lower than in expensive boutiques. Even the most discriminating visitors will find a fragrance from famous brands to your liking. The prices for this product line at Vnukovo range from a couple hundred to 12 euros.

Duty free at the airport Vnukovo It has its own online shop

If you do not have free time for shopping Duty Free, but want to buy it any product, you should not worry. You can make a purchase in the online store on the official site. Purchases of goods will be handed a flight attendant on board.

The store allows to carry out payments in foreign currency, cash or use a credit card, so that the client could always buy what he needs.

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