Duty Free St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport
Duty Free St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport

Duty Free St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport

If you are going on a trip and fly out St. PetersburgThen you definitely need to visit the duty free SPB airport. This store, located in the duty-free zone, offers customers a more favorable price. In other words, the unit value of the goods does not include government fees and taxes.

In most cases, Duty Free shops are located at airports, namely in the neutral zone. However, in some countries Duty Free can be found outside the airport, for example, in the shopping center of the city. But the classic store location still serves the airport area after border controls. Once all the documents are furnished, the tourists can visit the duty free and to evaluate the range of products.

Duty free SPB Airport

It is worth noting that one of the largest Russian airports appears complex Pulkovo in St. Petersburg. It consists of two large terminals that cater to overseas flights and flights between the cities of the Russian Federation.

Duty Free St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport

Cost of duty free SPB airport is lower than in other shops in the city. Customers are given the opportunity to choose the best product from a wide range of products, which includes:

  • chocolate,

  • alcohol,

  • clothes,

  • books

  • Perfumes and cosmetics,

  • dishes,

  • electronic goods,

  • jewelry.

To pay can be a convenient currency (euros, dollars, rubles) or by credit card. Duty free SPB Airport is located in Pulkovo on-1 1-2 and m-th floor in the "Administration" area of ​​the terminal. The products are sold at factory prices, resulting in a difference with the retail prices outside the airport can be substantial. Duty Free at Pulkovo-2 2-located on the ground floor in the same way "Administration" in the terminal.

Duty Free St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport

Tourists any airport can be caught in a Duty Free before departure and after arrival at the airport.

How to make a purchase in duty free SPB Airport

Flight from St. Petersburg airport, please note that the goods purchased in duty free, the following rules apply:

  1. In the case of a direct flight all liquids must be packed in branded bags and store are taken as hand luggage into the cabin. This is particularly the case of alcoholic beverages, as the price of alcohol so attractive that, in some cases, the purchase may be called wholesale.
  2. When flying transit flights, the rules of the country where the landing. For example, if we talk about the EU, is not allowed to take liquids on board aircraft.

The diversity and the benefits of duty free St Petersburg Airport

The range of goods provided is very large, about 10 000 names. And the product is designed for any buyers, both women and men. For any representative of the fair sex, there is nothing better than trying on new clothes or perfume with perfume. And the main advantage lies in the fact that in Duty Free you can buy accessories and clothing of famous brands with a discount of at least 25-35%. And the first thing that strikes many girls is a considerable assortment of cosmetics and perfumery products. The most famous brands of perfumes and cosmetics are here. But it should also be noted the quality of the goods. The risk to buy crafts is much less than in a regular store. After all, the goods here are shipped directly from the manufacturer and have passed the quality certification. Duty free shops at the airport of St. Petersburg could not be better realize the dreams of the buyer.

Men, too, will appreciate the benefit of the Duty Free. As everyone has long known, is the most expensive commodity in terms of taxation - alcohol and tobacco. These products are in almost every state has a duty at least 45-50%, which means that the passenger in the duty-free zone can buy these items as much cheaper. In this case, a huge popular overseas strong drink: whiskey, liqueurs, champagne and wine.

Tobacco products are also much cheaper because of the lack of paid duty. And the quality of cigarettes, cigars and tobacco snuff product Duty Free much higher than in analog urban store.

But one should also remember the limitations of each state. You can not just go to the shop duty free (St. Petersburg airport) and buy as much alcohol as you want. Each country, including Russia, has its own restrictions on the import and export of certain types of goods. Otherwise, excess goods are withdrawn at the passenger checkpoint, irrevocably. Therefore, the passenger / buyer must first familiarize himself with the rules of the country to which he is going.

All tourists and passengers in a dream to get duty free. Do not miss this opportunity and you!

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Upon arrival in St. Petersburg, at Pulkovo airport it is impossible to visit the Duty free! On departure, yes, but no return! 15.10.2018 year

Well, it’s written on departure from Petersburg!

The article is not true. Can not price a bottle of water without gas 0,5 cost 90 rubles at the manufacturer's price, given the cost of it outside the airport in 26 rubles. The article must be understood exactly the opposite.

I agree, the alcohol is the same on the border with Estonia at the door of duty, much cheaper than at the airport! I will not speak about water, I have not seen it there! I would say the prices are the same as in Finland, in the Alko store, where all the alcohol they sell! Summer flew surprised how prices soared! Previously, I could remember a liter of a good whiskey for 13 $ to take, and now the same whiskey for 25-30 $ is worth something!)