Duty Free reviews
Duty Free reviews

Duty Free (reviews). Should I buy duty free at the airport?


Many people who travel the world by air know what Duty Free is. This is a store whose goods are not taxed, because it is formally outside the state, and therefore does not require additional authorization. Due to this, its cost is much less than in other stores. Basically, this product is represented by tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, perfumes, cosmetics, toys, souvenirs, branded clothes and accessories. The most common products of Duty Free are alcohol and tobacco products. The fact is that these goods are subject to the highest tax in city stores, and in Duty Free you can save up to 50%.

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Many people wonder: "What is the" duty free "(feedback)? Should I buy duty free at the airport? "

Not everyone can come to the store and buy whatever he wants. Only passengers with boarding pass and passport served in duty free. That fact confirms that the person leaves the country or just in it entered, gives the possibility of shopping.

Network Duty Free in the world

Although Duty Free is also one store chain, there is still a difference. There are several main differences - the range and price. They are the ones that influence the general reviews of duty free and decide whether to buy at the airport. Both the first and the second may differ from each other, depending on the country, or rather the airport in which it is located. Take, for example, a network of these stores in cities such as Dubai, Singapore, Barcelona. Their stores can provide a wide range of products, unique and rare items, famous brands and novelties. And take, for example, Duty Free airports in Croatia and Egypt, here the choice is much more modest. In the same Dubai shops operate around the clock and have an assortment of the most expensive alcoholic beverages and jewelry to little-known books and various trinkets.

There are also restrictions imposed by the legal authorities of the country in which the store is located. For example, in Turkey can be brought under the law of five liters of whiskey, and you can take out seven.

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The second major difference - the price. The most expensive stores Duty Free goods are located in Sweden, France, Great Britain and Belgium. The average price of a Italy, Spain and Bulgaria, the lowest - Turkey, Egypt (though the quality will match the price here). And, perhaps the most interesting shops Duty Free are those who are on the territory of the UAE. Regarding store Indian branch located in Goa, we note low cost souvenirs.

European stores are more conservative both in the assortment and in the time of work. The biggest European duty free is in Frankfurt. Vienna will demonstrate a large number of choices of brands Berberry, Boss and Etro. But at the same time, being in Greece or Italy, you can see an incomprehensible kind of gradation. The most accessible souvenir in these countries is olive oil and pasta. These products are worth buying in the cities themselves, and not in the Duty network, it's much cheaper. Such stores can be not only in airports, they are often found in the airplanes themselves and on large cruise ships. For example, in Scandinavia Duty Free can occupy half the zone of the ship.

Most buy goods on the network is alcohol and cigarettes. Strong and expensive alcoholic drinks (whiskey, rum, brandy) on average are two times cheaper than in traditional stores. Opportunity to purchase counterfeit cigarettes is reduced to zero. The same perfumes and cosmetics are, though not much cheaper, but the quality is much higher and expensive jewelry for about 15% cheaper than the city.