Engine HIPE-AE440 for helicopters
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Engine HIPE-AE440 for helicopters

Clear Sky Prepares HIPE-AE440 Diesel Engine for Flight Test


Aviation gasoline has been the optimal fuel for light aircraft for decades. Currently, leaded aviation gasoline is becoming difficult to find in some regions, and therefore there is an active development of new types of engines, including diesel ones, for use in aviation. Diesel engines have a low specific fuel consumption, but there are also disadvantages - weak power and excess weight, which is the main obstacle to the development of widespread use for use in aircraft and helicopters.

Research teams in European countries are ground testing a new aircraft engine to replace a turboshaft engine that will be used on an Airbus EC 120 helicopter. Flight tests of the high compression ratio (HC) power plant will begin in mid-2015 in France at a test bed. A v.8 turbocharged diesel engine specially designed for use in aviation will soon be tested.


The diesel engine is being developed under the Clear Sky program by Airbus, Teoc Pawertrain Engineering and Austro Engine with open funding of $ 1.69 billion. Clear Sky is a public-private partnership under the auspices of the European Union that provides partial funding for a research and design program. Companies from Russia also take part in this program. The partnership was formed in 2007 and will last until 2017. The first steps to establish the organization were taken in Austria. There is currently a prototype 330 kW (440 hp) engine, the AE 440, which can be fitted to light aircraft. The development of an engine for helicopters may take a little longer, providing the necessary parameters to promote the economical use of the new engine.

The Clear Sky Partnership aims to achieve a 30% reduction in SFC, 40% nitric oxide emissions, and 50% carbon monoxide emissions for use on an EC 120 helicopter. Also, a 30% reduction in direct operating costs and range of flight range with the same amount of fuel.


Performance powerplant AE 440 make weight ratio and power factor 0.8 kg / kW, fuel consumption 235 g / kWh.

The main design features of the engine are aluminum cylinder block engine with fuel injection. Fuel will be supplied under pressure 1800 bar and provide better atomization and combustion.

Engine AE 440 will have a gear change mechanism for controlling the speed of flight.

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