Airport duty free shop
Airport duty free shop

Airport duty free shop


Not so long ago, analysts were rating the duty free zones around the world. They had a list of the best in this regard, the international airports in Dubai, Houston, Beijing, London, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Warsaw, Helsinki. The top ten winners has not entered any Russian airport.

Duty Free shop Airport: features shopping

Immediately it is worth noting that the Russian duty free are more expensive and offer a poor choice of products than overseas.

What is duty free? According to the generally accepted definition of Duty Free - a chain of duty free shops, which are located at the crossing of the state border. In our time, Duty Free - an indispensable attribute of nearly every airport and one of the favorite destinations of tourists walking, waiting for the flight.

All the shops you can buy duty free alcohol. In these places it is much cheaper. No less profitable to buy cigarettes. The big question is the benefit from the purchase of other goods.

Usually the best range of products can be found in the Duty Free in the Middle East and Asia. In this sense, the quality standard serves Dubai International Airport, where the duty free is given 7000 m2. Here you can buy almost everything from a pack of cigarettes and ending expensive car. Here, prices are usually on the 25 percent lower compared to other places.

Airport duty free shop

Another great place duty free shopping is Singapore Changi Airport and Heathrow Airport. Here you can buy clothes, food, appliances at more favorable prices.

In countries such as Italy and Greece, the cost of products at airports, on the contrary, would be too high. So buy the pasta and olive oil, souvenirs in the duty free is not recommended at all.

Duty Free Shop airport. Things to buy


All is well aware that alcohol and cigarettes are levied the highest taxes. When buying these products, you can save up to 50%.

Product cost varies depending on the manufacturer. In addition, if it is issued in the country of the manufacturer, the prices are significantly lower than for imported.

· Tobacco products

Airport duty free shop

If we talk about tobacco products, in this regard, the question arises on the economy second. Buying such products in duty free, you can be sure to 100% in its high quality.

Perfume and cosmetics

The duty free is particularly advantageous to buy perfumes. For example, at the airport Charles de Gaulle on spirits will 20-30 percent cheaper than in the city. With perfume, as, indeed, and tobacco, Duty Free provides a choice of originality. Moreover, duty free, visitors can buy travel-sets - sets consisting of cosmetic and perfumery in small packaging, which are ideal for transporting luggage conditions. For example, perfumes, creams will be in multiples of less than 100 ml, which allows you to take them with you on the plane as hand luggage.


Savings in duty free when buying jewelry is about 15%. All depends directly on the country in which you buy a product, from its design and manufacturer. As is well known, it is most advantageous to buy duty free jewelery in the Middle East.

· Souvenirs

Even despite the fact that the gifts are not taxed, they still do not recommend to buy in Duty Free, as they are unreasonably high costs.