Duty Free at the airport
Duty Free at the airport

What are the prices at Duty Free airport?


At the present time, it has gained widespread this kind of trade, as the duty free at the airport. Prices in institutions of this type do not include the collection of fees, and thus are profitable place for shopping lovers. Let's look in more detail in the particular trade duty free.

Duty free at the airport (prices). Story

Now the duty free shops can be found not only the areas near the flight, however, the first institution of this kind has arisen here. The idea of ​​opening a store at the airport was first implemented in 1947, in Ireland, the airport Shannon. And it happened not intentional, but rather by accident. Aircraft, which at that time to make flights between the European region and the US, had to make an emergency landing to refuel. Shannon Airport near the town of Ennis was the perfect place for such a procedure.

Passengers had to wait for several hours in the departure hall of the ship, unable to buy even basic necessities. Therefore, when the institution opened its first store. Given that the store was abroad in Ireland, it is not subject to taxes.

What are the prices at Duty Free airport?

Fully idea of ​​a new kind of business taken note of two Americans: Robert Miller and Charles Finn. They had framed the concept of duty free and is open the first real store of its kind in Hong Kong, the 1960

Work duty free at the airport: the price and suggestions

Modern man knows that the price for an individual item in duty free must be lower than in the city. However, if we compare different countries duty free, the cost of the same product can vary greatly. This is due to an overvalued currency at airports, different manufacturers, and other features.

Consider the range of goods duty free at the airport and their prices

  • Alcohol. Everyone knows that the biggest tax exempt trade sector, implementing highly profitable products. These include, in particular, tobacco and alcohol. Buying such products in duty free stores, a person can save up to 25-50%. Also, the price will be different for products from different manufacturers. Imported products will be more expensive. For example, a bottle of whiskey, made in Texas, will be sold at the local duty free for the price 50 $, and in the Moscow Sheremetyevo price for it will grow several times.

What are the prices at Duty Free airport?

  • Tobacco products. For those who buy cigarettes in duty free, the issue price is not coming to the fore. First and foremost is the question of quality. Buying tobacco or cigarettes in duty free, you can be sure that they are real, and are of good quality. Also here you can find such varieties and brands of tobacco products, which virtually no store in town.

  • Perfumes. This category of goods in duty free to buy very profitable. For example, perfumes, purchased at a Paris airport, will cost on 20-30% cheaper than local shops in the network. As with tobacco products in duty free you can buy unique perfumes. Interestingly, cosmetics and perfumes are sold in small packaging, the so-called travel-sets. This allows for reasonable money to buy a large range of quality cosmetics.

  • Jewelry. The savings from buying jewelry in duty free shops is about 15%. The price will depend on the manufacturer's design and the country where the product is bought. The most earthly prices for this category of products duty free offer in the Far East.

  • Souvenirs. This is precisely the category that should not be bought in duty free. Despite the fact that for them, too, do not pay taxes, their value is considerably overpriced.

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