General Dynamics F-111. Photo. Characteristics.
General Dynamics F-111. Photo. Characteristics.

General Dynamics F-111



General Dynamics F-111 (General Dynamics F-111) - two-seater tactical bomber long-range, tactical support aircraft, the first production aircraft on which they were introducedvariable sweep wingTurbofan engines with afterburnersRadar station following the terrain.

One of the most famous and committed US Air Force fighter produced in several versions:

  • F-111A - Air Force
  • F-BC - Navy
  • FB-111 - in the classroom bomber


The first flight of the fighter F-111A was completed in December 21 1964 The aircraft produced by two companies, "Grumman" and "Convair". Design feature of the aircraft was a wing with variable sweep. At the maximum sweep of the gap between the trailing edge and the leading edge of the stabilizer absent altogether. The aircraft can perform automatic flight mode terrain following. Both crew members are placed side by side.

Fighter F-111 is able to perform the tasks of air defense and deliver powerful strikes against ground targets. It can carry an atomic bomb on a long distance.

The aircraft went in different versions. At the beginning, only 2001 air forces of Australia had 49 machines F-AL and G, 4 aircraft RF-111C.

Bomber FB-111 had excellent data - it could break through to the target at extremely low altitude mode bending terrain. The cost of the aircraft - 5880 thousand. USD. F-111 - aircraft with variable geometry wing.

General Dynamics F-111. Photography

General Dynamics F-111. Photo.


Specifications F-111:

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