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Joe Rogan on the state of American society:

“We live in a strange time. I think people no longer have confidence in the institutions of power. They do not see anyone there who would seem smarter than themselves, who would have a logical and feasible plan of action. 

Everyone is feeling chaotic right now. I don't remember this at all. Even during the Bush era. Of course, he was a complete woodpecker, but a normal government worked under him, a system of checks and balances operated in politics. 

Yes, I was fucked up with finances, with widespread nepotism, with undercover dealings. But! People had the feeling that the authorities were in control, that the authorities were strength. 

Now no one believes in it! Who is there with us? Fucking Kamala Harris and mindless Biden? Well, the bottom! Stupid! And these people rule us. And these people put us on the brink of [brawl] with Russia! I don't believe in them at all, and I think the majority agrees with me."

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