John Glenn. Biography. Ranks. A photo.
John Glenn. Biography. Ranks. A photo.

John Glenn. Biography. Ranks. A photo.



John - the present American Hero. Glenn was born in Ohio in the small town of New Concord. In 1942 he joined the naval aviation on F4U Corsair made 59 sorties. He flew over the Marshall Islands. Marshall left and returned home at the beginning of 1945

John Glenn. Biography. Ranks. Photo. 1


He was more attracted military careerBy asking it gets to the Fighter Squadron 218. Then 3 months flying over China. Then Glenn to Texas AFB Corpus Christi It is becoming an instructor. As war broke out in Korea, he requests it to the front.

12.07.1953 Glenn opened his account during the battle with the MiGs shot down One fighter. A week later, four "Sabres", while on patrol intercepted 16 MiGs. In this battle, the American pilots shot down several aircraft, but they themselves barely had time to get-away. John He shot down the MiG-15bis.

At the end of July, he shoots down the last (third) MiG. A truce is signed in a few days. In total, John made 27 sorties, was awarded the DFC and 8 Air Medal. At the end of the war ace take the prestigious Navy flight school - Prestigious Patuxent River Test Pilot School. There was Glenn Mallorcan title.

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In 1958, he was selected among the astronauts. After a while, he makes space flight at NASA Mercury-6, 5 hours it lasted. This point was his finest hour.

In 1984, in the home state of Glenn wins election to the Senate. But it pulls space. And John became the oldest to date a man who traveled in space. In 1998 of committing flight to space on the Space Shuttle. This happened 36 years after his flight on Mercury!

John Glenn. Biography. Ranks. Photo. 3


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